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2023 NFL Season: Everything You Need for a Perfect Viewing Experience (Test)

2023 NFL Season: Everything You Need for a Perfect Viewing Experience (Test)

NFL Tech Deals of the Season

The NFL 2023 season has finally kicked off, the clock is ticking and the best place to watch the game, aside from the stadium, is in the comfort of your own home. If you plan on spending every Sunday (and Monday, and Thursday) night watching the big game, you’ll need your setup to be game time worthy. Before the season really heats up, you still have time to elevate you game-day experience with these touchdown worthy deals. You no longer have to sacrifice the energy and excitement of the big game. To help you out we’ve picked our must-have items you can get your hands on today.

No Game room is complete without a large TV, but why stop at one? With so many games on at once you can eliminate having to switch through channels by pairing it with a couple smaller ones. Choosing a TV that guarantees consistent, high-quality sports viewing can be challenging though; every major Brand, including Sony, Samsung, and LG, have a TV worth considering. This is why we compiled a list of the best TV and Soundbars for your sports experience. This article provides a comprehensive guide to creating the ultimate game-day setup, lets start by exploring the top five TV line ups we’ve handpicked for you:

  • Best Overall: LG C3 OLED Evo
  • Best Runner-Up TV: Samsung S95C OLED
  • Best Energy Efficient TV: Sony A80L Bravia XR
  • Best QLED TV: Samsung QN90C NEO
  • Most Affordable TV for Watching Sports: Samsung CU7000
NFL 2023 TV 3

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