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My Sonos Clicking Sound – Solutions

Sonos Clicking sound solution

Sonos Clicking Sound – Solutions

I was called to a clients house for a service call claiming that they had a Sonos clicking sound in their Wireless Speaker System shortly after we installed a Sonos Connect as a source. When I arrived I could hear a perfectly timed sequence of a clicking sound coming from any zone that was playing Sonos. I proceeded to change every cable to ensure it was not the obvious but the clicking continued after every cable was replaced.
Just as I was going to change out the Sonos Connect the clients home phone rang and the sound intensified,  after her phone call I went to the Panasonic phone base and unplugged it and the clicking stopped through the audio system. Now that I had found the problem I plugged the phone system back in and then went into the advanced setting of the Sonos Connect and changed the Sonos channel from the default to channel 11 now there is no clicking.

Thought I would post this because if it was not for the phone call it could have turned in to a long day of trouble shooting.

– From the desk of Rod

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Introducing the New Sonos PLAY:5

What would happen if Sonos took all of their resources and team that they’ve built up over the years and threw them all at creating the very best possible product they could make?

Sonos’ objective was to go after massively better sound and wireless performance and put it in an iconic package.  So they set out to redesign the current Sonos PLAY:5 speaker.  One of the things that’s significantly different at Sonos is that they actually design every single part of their products.  Not one woofer, tweeter, or other piece of hardware was taken off the shelf in the creation of the new PLAY:5.  The way that Sonos approached the new Sonos 5 design was to design every single piece from the ground up.

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Sonos Wireless Speakers Review

Sonos Wireless Speakers Review

Sonos Wireless Speakers let you listen to all the music on earth in every room in your home in amazing Hi-Fi sound.  The Sonos system is easy to set up.  You can start with any speaker and expand your system to other rooms over time.

Access all the music you want from anywhere on earth, in any room of your home,  all from one app.  Control your home listening experience from any smartphone, computer or tablet.  With Sonos wireless speakers you can stream different music in every room of your home. You can group rooms to play one song simultaneously, or play the same song throughout your entire home.

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