Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 4 Year Total Warranty Plan

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 4 Year Total Warranty Plan (Don’t Use It…Don’t Lose It) is exclusively designed to provide our customers with years of “worry-free” ownership. Plus, if at the end of the warranty term you have not used the coverage for a product repair or replacement, you will be eligible for a 100% rebate as a store credit which can be used towards a future purchase at Gibbys.

The Extended Service Plan term is 4 years from the date of purchase. This includes the coverage provided by the manufacturer.

Yes! Your coverage goes with you wherever you move to in Canada.

1. This Warranty covers repair or replacement including parts and labour with NO deductible

2. The coverage mirrors the specific manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions unless specified otherwise

3. Normal wear and tear is covered. Physical abuse, water damage, foreign objects found inside the covered item or image retention on TV’s is not covered

4. In-home service provided under this plan will mirror manufacturer’s coverage and will be provided within 60 km of the factory authorized service centre

5. Cost to remove and re-install covered car audio products if installed by Gibbys

6. Replacement of a product covered under the Extended Service Plan if it is cost prohibitive to repair. At the sole discretion of 1156425 Ontario Inc.

If there are NO claims during the term of this Extended Service Plan, you will be eligible for a rebate for the amount of the original Extended Service Plan purchase price (Less taxes). This rebate can be used as a credit at Gibbys Electronic Supermarket (In-store, or online) and is valid for up to 50% of future purchases based on the current regular price of the product.

If the Extended Service Plan Term has expired AND there have been no claims against the Extended Service Plan, your purchase qualifies for the “Don’t Use It…Don’t Lose It” rebate.

1. Fill out the rebate form and send it to: Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 451 Eastchester Ave E, St. Catharines, ON L2M 6S2

2. Application for the rebate must be received with a copy of the original invoice for the product purchase and a signed copy of the extended ‘Don’t use it don’t lose it’ terms and conditions form by Gibbys Electronic Supermarket head office, no later than 30 days after the plan has expired

3. Please allow up to thirty (30) days to process the rebate

4. Rebates are for merchandise only and have no cash value. No gift cards eligible

5. The rebate is valid for up to 50% of the customer’s future purchase based on regular price

6. The rebate must be redeemed within ninety (90) days from the date of issue

7. 1156425 Ontario Inc., its stores, and departments accept no responsibility for loss or delay of the rebate application

1. Preventative maintenance

2. Remote control devices

3. Accessories, batteries, antennas, speakers, cables or any add-on devices

4. Projection and projector bulbs

5. Turntable styli

6. Set-up, delivery, installation and/or adjustments

7. Firmware updates and issues with software

8. This plan does not replicate any over-the-counter exchange provided during the original manufacturer’s coverage

9. Service or parts required as the result of misuse, accident, lightning damage, power surge damage, external fire, vandalism, antenna, cable or satellite system problems and interference from external sources or set up necessitated due to relocation

10. Items used for commercial or industrial applications

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 4 Year Total Warranty Plan Terms and Conditions

1. The 4 Year Total Warranty Plan must be purchased at same time as the covered item(s)

2. This coverage is not available on discontinued or used equipment, if purchased on such, Gibbys Electronic Supermarkets sole responsibility and liability will be to refund the original purchase price of the plan

3. “B-Stock” items purchased from Gibbys can be covered by the 4 Year Total Warranty Plan

4. Coverage dates are based on original invoice dates. All 4 Year Total Warranty Plan terms include the original manufacturer’s warranty

5. Original bill of sale is necessary for Gibbys to provide service of a product in the 4 Year Total Warranty Plan period

6. Gibbys Electronic Supermarket will endeavour to arrange to repair items in a timely manner, Gibbys Electronic Supermarket will not replicate any performance timetables outlined in a manufacturer’s warranty but will replace an item that is awaiting repair at the Service Centre for more than 59 days provided the original manufacturer is still in operation

7. If no defect is found or the repairs are denied by Gibbys, the plan owner is responsible for all costs incurred

8. If the covered item is replaced under this plan and all of Gibbys Electronic Supermarket obligations are fulfilled the plan will be expired and will not be transferred to the replacement unit

9. The plan owner releases Gibbys Electronic Supermarket from all liability due to damage to the product or injury to any person that is not due to the fault or negligence of Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

10. The plan owner further understands that Gibbys Electronic Supermarket is not responsible for any consequential damages or losses due to the downtime of the covered unit or their ability to facilitate necessary repairs

11. If the unit is replaced, Gibbys Electronic Supermarket has the option of taking the original unit or leaving it with the customer

12. Invoices with packaged extended service plans that include video and audio products will have maximum coverage of a 48 month term depending on the selected coverage for the video product

13. Replacements provided under the plan will be based on like-kind and quality, not original cost or model. If same technology or size is unavailable or cost prohibitive, Gibbys Electronic Supermarket determined market value will be provided to the customer

14. Gibbys Electronic Supermarket cannot be held responsible should parts become discontinued and if this is the case, the sole remedy will be to refund the original fee paid for this coverage

How do I get help to claim the Rebate?

Easy, just give us a call toll free; we’ll always be happy to help!

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket Liability under the 4 Year Total Warranty Plan

Liability to Gibbys Electronic Supermarket is strictly limited to the obligation detailed on the 4 Year Total Warranty Plan document. Please read all of the coverages and terms and conditions of the Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 4 Year Total Warranty Plan carefully. If you require clarification, please feel welcome to contact us toll free at: 1-(866)-696-7189.

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