Home Theater Design & Installations

Home Theater Design & Installations

Home theatre setup

Movie Theatre experience in your own home!
Hear your favourite band play like you were at the concert!

The best sound, all around you, and the amazing cinema experience we’re known for doesn’t come in a box – it comes with insight about you, your family and your home environment. At Gibbys Electronic Supermarket we will customize your experience based on your favorite movies and concerts, how big your room is, what windows treatments you have, do you need sound proofing, where the sun sets, what type of seating, just to name a few. From there, the options are endless. We`ll work with you and/or your designer, to create a tasteful family room that turns into a theater with the lights out, or a Hollywood Inspired Theatre, a Games Room Theatre, you name it we can do it. Every Gibbys Electronic Supermarket project comes with the best programmers and installers in the province (check our credentials) Let us get you started on a personalized Home Theater for you and your family!

Step 1: Meeting of the Minds

Before we get to your house, we have to understand your needs. We’ll help you choose the best home theater products to match your preferences – and your budget. Our professional, skilled salespeople pride themselves on providing exceptional service to our clients and will listen and communicate every step of the way so that your needs and/or wants will be met. Our installers have experience that spans decades and will install your new home theater in a professional manner.

home theatre layout
Home theatre installation

Step 2: Control

Once your home theater is completed we program everything so that it is simple to use. We make sure that everyone in the family can just sit down push a button and enjoy the experience of the home theater.


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