Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Still leaving the windows open to hear the sound outside?
What will the neighbours think?

You have invested in the sound inside so let’s bring it outside when the sun is out. Let Gibbys Electronic Supermarket set you up with the right gear for any weather 365 days a year. Watch TV in the privacy of your own back yard, dance the night away under the stars listening to your favorite music or Rock it out with a full blown pool party either way music and TV should not have boundary’s in our minds.

One Speaker, or Full Blown Outdoor Home Theatre… Let’s set the budget!

At Gibbys Electronic Supermarket, we will work with your outdoor landscape plan and design an audio video system that blends in with your vision.

Already finished your inside audio? Not to worry, we can set up a separate standalone system for outside or we can create a bridge to feed the inside, out. Regardless of your situation, we can make it happen. At Gibbys Electronic Supermarket, we carry a wide selection of outdoor and landscape speakers.

Need bass? Why not bury the sub? This is just one of the technologies that allows us to bring the concert to your backyard. Call us for a no charge consultation today.


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