What is eXcelon?

The Kenwood eXcelon mobile audio system is an advanced array of precisely matched components that work together to faithfully reproduce your music as it was intended to be heard. With versatile system building features, precise sound tuning controls, and sleek aesthetic design, it offers audiophiles a thoroughly gratifying car stereo experience.


Kenwood eXcelon products are specially developed to provide the ideal listening experience. Maximum precision is achieved with top-end components for true musical indulgence. Their mobile audio components represent our most advanced series of products Engineered to transcend the many nuances of the automobile listening environment, eXcelon delivers the kind of uncompromising sonic fidelity that audiophiles demand. 

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eXcelon receivers are the ideal foundation for a great audio system. For starters, they employ high-quality D to A converters to maximize musical accuracy from USB sources, even when connected to portable devices. 

In addition, Kenwood uses the latest Bluetooth audio technology to provide the best audio experience whether on a phone call or listening to your favorite song. And with 4-volt pre-amp outputs, our receivers deliver a strong optimized signal to the amplifiers.


You could say eXcelon amplifiers are gifted performers. They incorporate Hybrid Digital Amplification that includes a Low Distortion Output Stage. High-quality construction ensures that the audio is accurate and linear across all temperature ranges. 

From the lowest bass notes to the highest cymbals, the output sounds the way it should: like the original live performance.


Speakers may be the most important piece of the sound quality puzzle. eXcelon speakers employ oversized drivers to enhance low-end range and large tweeters that improve mid- to high-range transitions — ideal for clear and dynamic vocals. 

Oversized woofers provide quick response and offer stable and powerful bass that remains true to the original recording.

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