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LG OLED TV “Incomparable” – Director, Francis Ford Coppola

In a recent interview acclaimed Hollywood Director, Francis Ford Coppola describes the virtues of LG OLED TV. Coppola, best known for classic box office hits such as; Patton, The Godfather, The Conversation, The Great Gatsby, Apocalypse Now, and many many more, discusses how the LG OLED TV achieves perfect black – for images that deliver unparalleled depth, vivid colours and beauty beyond compare.

Coppola says; “Years ago in movies we had a wonderful process called technicolor.” “It was a printing process, literally different layers of the colours, including the black, printed on clear celluloid.”” So that it was an image projected for people that was more like beautiful lithography.”  He then goes on to say, “Well, only OLED can achieve this.”

Coppola describes what makes OLED as incredible as it is. “When these pixels shut off it makes true black and it’s really black when you think about it that gives the picture the definition.” “ When it’s black it’s black and when it’s colour it’s vivid colour.”  He exclaims that this is very difficult to make and “LG has learned how to make it.” “I want my children to have a screen like this and I want you all to have a viewing experience like this.”

“OLED there’s nothing that can compare.”

So there you have it, one of Hollywood’s most successful and famous filmmakers of our time, describing OLED as incomparable.

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