Only those who undertake something with true passion can achieve perfection in what they do. Magnat believes in this and that’s why the logo is more than just a brand distinction, it’s a promise. Every one of their products is developed with great passion at the company’s headquarters in Pulheim, Germany. With exceptional care according to scientific methods and with the decades of experience accumulated by their highly qualified engineers.

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The body of the Magnat floor-standing speaker is extremely resistant to any kind of intrinsic resonance. As is the case for all other products, the baffle has been visually offset from the rest of the housing and is a feature that defines the design of the Magnat speaker.

The center channel speaker is a powerful and compact speaker which demonstrates its strengths convincingly with regard to speech intelligibility. Its three precision drivers are adequately accommodated in a low-resonance MDF cabinet with a visually offset and embedded baffle.

These Speakers are constructed according to the 2-way bass reflex principle and delivers a high level of dynamics in the bass segment and good precision over the entire frequency range. Equipped with a 170 mm bass-midrange driver, these offer high levels of dynamics.

Featuring a high-power long-throw woofer in a bass reflex housing, they’re equipped with two Airflex ports. Magnat’s integrated Class D amplifier delivers 80 watts of continuous power, they can reach an impressive 160 watts. Technology incorporated allows it to reproduce frequencies down to 25 Hz. 

Protected by the most stringent THX home cinema requirements ever established, the tweeters are coupled with reversed polarity, as required by THX®, to provide a diffuse, 3-dimensional soundscape, even the THX experts were astonished and had to throw praise on these speakers.

Combining the perfectly crafted hi-res dual tweeter module, these speakers contain sturdy MDF housing and is available in a few classy finishes. Delivering an absolutely homogeneous soundscape with crystal clear sound, these speakers are proof that perfect sound does indeed exist.

Signature 500

The Magnat Signature 500 is the entry level to the world of audiophile hi-fi. Here, elaborate chassis with the latest technologies are combined with production quality that is second to none in this class. 

Cinema Ultra Series

This is as compact, flexible and powerful in sound as THX Ultra2 gets. Even the THX specialists themselves were amazed and had to heap praise on Magnat.

Alpha Series

Magnat Alpha Series subwoofers allow an existing home cinema or hi-fi system, regardless of the make or model, to achieve a new, undreamt of level of quality in the deep bass range.

Monitor Supreme

The Magnat Monitor supreme series has been finely tuned to get exact precision of the reproduction of music and achieve maximum dynamics.

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