Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Receiver | Alpine KTA-450 4-Ch Amp | Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ Speakers | Alpine S-S50 5.25″ Speakers – Bundle

Brand: Alpine
Model Number: 162810
Model Number: 162810

Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Receiver | Alpine KTA-450 4-Ch Amp | Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ Speakers | Alpine S-S50 5.25″ Speakers – Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

(1) Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™
(1) Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack Compact 4-Channel Car Amplifier
(1) Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System
(1) Alpine S-S50 5-1/4″ 2-Way Car Speakers

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Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Receiver | Alpine KTA-450 4-Ch Amp | Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ Speakers | Alpine S-S50 5.25″ Speakers – Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

(1) Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™
(1) Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack Compact 4-Channel Car Amplifier
(1) Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System
(1) Alpine S-S50 5-1/4″ 2-Way Car Speakers

Alpine ILX-W650 7-Inch Mechless Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™

Alpine ILX-W650 supports the Android Auto app for Android smartphones running OS Lollipop (5.0 or newer). Your compatible Android smartphone must be connected to the Alpine receiver’s rear-panel USB port via the included USB extension cable and your phone’s USB cable, plus be paired via Bluetooth (your vehicle’s parking brake needs to be engaged to initially setup Android Auto).

Android Auto extends the Android platform into your car in a way that’s purpose-built for driving and automatically brings you useful information and organizes it into a simple on-screen interface that is simple to use in the vehicle. It’s designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road ahead. Features of Android Auto include –

Google Assistant

The Alpine receiver enhances your Android Auto experience even more by incorporating Google Assistant using the head unit’s external microphone and your car speakers for voice command and text-to-speech, which makes using Android Auto and all of its integrated applications fast, easy, and safe. You will need to press the “mic” button or say “OK Google” to activate the Google Assistant. Use the Google Assistant to make a call, send a message, reply to a message, get driving directions, listen to music, or even control select Google Assistant smarthome enabled devices.

Google & Waze Maps

Use Google Maps to get where you’re going with on-screen maps, voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, lane guidance, and more. Select your destination by using the head unit’s touchscreen or just say where you want to go through the unit’s external mic and Google Speech Technology. You can even listen to music from your Android Auto device or other connected source device while using Google Maps. If you prefer, you can switch over to a simpler version of the community-based Waze navigation app (version 4.27 or higher).

Phone & SMS

With Android Auto you get access to your contacts and messages through the Alpine receiver while keeping your eyes on the road. Use the unit’s external mic and Google Speech Technology to make a phone call, or have your text-messages read aloud to you while you concentrate on the road ahead; you can even reply to texts via voice command.


Access your Android smartphone’s music library through the Alpine receiver via Google Play Music. You’ll be able to browse music like you do on your smartphone with song/artist information display and album art. Use the receiver’s touchscreen to select songs or just say what song you want to listen to through the head unit’s external mic and Google Speech Technology. You also get access to online music and radio stations from Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, Slacker Radio, Tune-In, and more; as well as news, sports and talk radio apps. Music apps include song and station browsing, plus song/artist information and album art or station logo. Click here for a list of all compatible app for Android Auto.

iPhone Music Playback

If you don’t desire Apple CarPlay, you can also connect your Lightning-connector Apple iPhone to the Alpine ILX-W650 rear-panel USB port for music playback & control only using the included USB extension cable and Alpine’s KCU-471i cable (or the cable that came with your Apple device). The Alpine ILX-W650 supports audio playback, music navigation, information display, and charging of your USB-connected Apple device with Lightning connector.

Head Unit Control

Alpine ILX-W650 lets you navigate your iPhone’s music library by Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Composer, Podcast, or Audiobook. You can then search each category alphabetically. The head unit also offers playback functions such a Play/Pause, Previous/Next Track, & Random/Repeat for stored music files. Play/Pause & Previous/Next Track are supported by many music apps too; not all apps will be compatible. Your USB-connected iPhone will remain unlocked, so you can use its touchscreen to access music apps.

Song/Artist Information

The Alpine in-dash digital media receiver will display your iPhone’s stored music file information; such as Track number, Elapsed playing time, Artist name, Song/Album title, as well as Album Art. The unit will also display song/artist information, album art, and station identification from select music apps.

1A Charging

The head unit’s USB connection provides 1A of current to power and charge your connected iPod/iPhone when your vehicle’s ignition switch is set to the ‘ACC’ or ‘On’ position (if your iPod/iPhone has no initial battery charge, then the unit will not recognize it).

Bluetooth 4.2

Alpine ILX-W650 features built-in Bluetooth version 4.2. The head unit’s built-in Bluetooth allows you to make and receive phone calls wirelessly through the receiver; as well as stream music wirelessly from your smartphone to the head unit. In order to use Bluetooth wireless technology, your phone must also be Bluetooth compatible and be able to interpret certain profiles. This unit is compatible with the following Bluetooth Profiles –

Hands-Free Communication

HFP 1.5 (Hands Free Profile), PBAB 1.0 (Phone Book Access Profile).

Audio Streaming

A2DP 1.2 (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP 1.4 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).

Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack Compact 4-Channel Car Amplifier

Alpine KTA-450 Power Pack Compact 4-Channel Car Amplifier will make a significant improvement in your system. This compact 4-channel amplifier puts out 50 watts RMS per channel from a tiny chassis that’ll fit almost anywhere in your vehicle. KTA-450 uses Alpine’s Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) technology to deliver a quick energy boost when needed, virtually doubling the amplifier’s output power on musical peaks.

Award-Winning Power Stack Compatibility

The KTA-450 can mount behind select Alpine 2-DIN mech-less head units, like the iLX-W650, using the included bracket. The KTA-450’s recessed harness receptacle allows the wiring to fold between it and the head unit so both products fit in a standard 2-DIN space. This PowerStack design is a 2019 CES Innovation Awards winner  and makes the duo one of the most powerful 2-DIN radios available.

Exclusive Amplifier Technology, Dynamic Peak Power (DPP)

The KTA-450 features Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (DPP). DPP intelligently adjusts the gain to adapt to musical needs. DPP prevents the KTA-450 from clipping by supplying up to double the power for sudden, dynamic sounds. DPP ensures music sounds the way it should at high volumes and boosts the KTA-450 to 400 watts DPP, doubling its power without increasing its size.

Compace Size For Hidden Installation Applications

The KTA-450 measures just 7” W x 3.5” H x 1.25” D.  For vehicles that do not have the space for a traditional amplifier, the KTA-450’s small size allows it to be tucked away in hidden areas such as in the glove box or behind the radio. It could even be used in a motorcycle’s saddlebag or on a boat.

Simple Installation For Use With Any Radio

Thanks to the efficient power needs of the DPP technology, the KTA-450 does not require a new power supply wire at the battery, so installation is fast using the supplied radio power wires. In addition, the KTA-450 uses a 22-pin power harness with a recessed design on one side, so the cables can be tucked-in for a cleaner, less-bulky installation.

Alpine S-S65C 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System

Meet the latest generation of Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system: engineered to deliver high bass power while maintaining extreme sound clarity. The S-Series speakers include both component and coaxial models, both of which are highly efficient and provide good installability in a wide range of vehicles. Add incredible sound to your vehicle when you replace your stock speakers with the Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system. Alpine’s been building quality car speakers for decades, and their latest S Series S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system is no exception. If you’ve been living with anemic factory sound, this step up in range, tone definition, and power handling will make you giddy just about every time you hop behind the wheel. And if you’re really jonesing for the best possible sound quality, hook these speakers up to a nice amp — you won’t regret it!

HAMR Surround

The High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround allows a maxi- mum, linear cone excursion for high SPL, while maintaining full control over the diaphragm at any excursion stage for high sound clarity.

Great Installability

Alpine uses high-power neodymium magnets for the new Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system. This means the magnet can be much smaller compared to traditional speaker designs, allowing for a much lower mounting depth and overall space requirement inside the car door.

Outstanding Clarity

The Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system has an all-new voice coil is made of Aluminium, compared to the regular copper wire coils. The benefit is higher clarity especially in the mid-high frequency area.

Wave Guide Focuses the Sound

Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system has developed a Wave Guide for the cone to further improve sound quality. Mounted over the centre cap, it prevents phase distortion of the sound waves from the diaphragm, and focuses the sound for optimum clarity.

Included Mesh Grill

We included a metal mesh grill on the Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ component speaker system to protect the woofer in open installations.

Included Trim-Rings

To allow easy installation of the Alpine S-S65C 6-1/2″ in a wide range of vehicles, we included several trim rings and a 6-1/2″ component speaker system.

Easy To Install Network

The external network is very compact and easy to install. Simply slide open the cover to gain access to the tweeter level adjsutment (0dB / -2dB / -4dB / – 6dB). This ensures a perfect balance between woofer and tweeter level in your car.

Swivel Tweeter

Both component and coaxial models feature a ring tweeter that swivels to improve off-axis response in less-than-ideal locations. You can aim it by hand for best imaging and staging at your listening position.

Alpine S-S50 5-1/4″ 2-way Car Speakers

The Alpine S-S50 5-1/4″ 2-way car speakers are no exception considering Alpine has been building quality car speakers for decades. If you’ve been living with anemic factory sound, this step up in range, tone definition, and power handling will make you giddy just about every time you hop behind the wheel.

Valuable Aesthetics

The new cosmetics of the S-Series looks good in nearly any car and their shallow mounting design allows for easy installation in a wide range of door panels. As well, their high-efficiency design can run off of the power from the factory or Alpine head unit, resulting in an easy system improvement for any vehicle.

The Alpine S-S50 5-1/4″ 2-way car speakers provides ballistic sound dampening material and is an elastomeric butyl and aluminum layered vibration dampener that conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard surfaces.

Effective Design

Ballistic greatly reinforces the interior of the Door, Floor, or Trunk and reduces vibrations and road noise.
Properly applied Ballistic will even help prolong your speakers life by diminishing exposure to moisture and helping to stabilize tempters.
Relatively odor free, designed to eliminate the smell issue without sacrificing effectiveness.

Adhere to almost any surface

Handles up to 170W peak power (55W RMS)For rich sound.
80Hz – 22kHz frequency responseEnsures accurate sound reproduction.
3/4″ wide-range silk-dome tweeterWith a neodymium magnet provides crisp, dynamic highs. The swiveling capability offers up to 10° adjustment for sound tuning.
5-1/4″ tuned poly-mica woofer cone.
With a high-grade strontium magnet and butyl rubber surround produces a full, rich sound.
4-23/50″ mounting diameter; 1-24/25″ mounting depthFor a proper fit.
4 ohms impedance.
Conducts power evenly to keep the speaker at an appropriate level.
87dB/W (1m) sensitivity.
Picks up the highs and lows for faithful sound reproduction.


Brand Alpine   Model Alpine 162810
Product: Alpine iLX-W650 7" Mechless Receiver | Alpine KTA-450 4-Ch Amp | Alpine S-S65C 6.5" Speakers | Alpine S-S50 5.25" Speakers – Bundle
iLX-W650 Specifications

– AUX Input- No
– Audio/video Input- No
– USB Input- Rear
– CarPlay -Yes
– Android Auto- Yes
– Siri Control- Yes
– Android Control- Yes
– Memory Card Slot- USB memory
– Bluetooth Compatible- Built-in
– Satellite Radio Ready- SiriusXM
– HD Radio- No
– Navigation- Optional

IPod Compatibility
– Full size- No
– Nano- No
– Touch- No
– IPhone- XSMax/XS/XR/X/8+/8/7+/7/6S+/6S

– RMS Power (CTA-2006)- 16 watts
– RMS Power (Manufacturer)- 16 watts
– Peak Output- 45 watts
– RMS Power Bandwidth- 20-20kHz
– Preamp Outputs- 6 channel
– Sub Preamp Outputs- Yes
– Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs- No
– Video Screen- Yes
– Preamp Voltage- 4 volts
– Screen Size- 7
– Key Button Color- White
– EQ Bands- 9
– Wireless Remote- No
– Steering Wheel Control Compatible- Adapter required
– Parts Warranty- 1 Year
– Labor Warranty- 1 Year

– FM Sensitivity- 9.3 dBf
– European Tuning- No
– Seek/Scan- Seek
– Radio Data System- No
– High-res Playback- No

Alpine KTA-450

– RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels): 50 x 4
– Peak Power Output (Watts x Channels): 100 x 4
– Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels): 45 x 4
– Bridged Power (Watts x Channels): 100 x 2
– Minimum Impedance Bridged: 4
– Minimum Impedance Unbridged: 2
– Best Frequency Response: 15-50k Hz
– THD at Rated RMS Power: 1%
– Signal to Noise Ratio: 82 dB
– Input Voltage: 14.4v

– Amplifier Class: D
– Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: No
– Low-Pass Slope (dB/octave): N/A
– High-Pass Crossover Frequency: Off, 60, 80, 120Hz
– High-Pass Slope (dB/octave): 12 dB/octave
– Bass Boost: No
– Bass Boost Frequency: N/A
– Fan Cooled: No
– Fuse Rating: 20
– Speaker Level Inputs: RCA
– Preamp Outputs: No
– Width (inches): 7
– Height (inches): 1-3/8
– Depth (inches): 3-9/16

Alpine S-S65C

– component speaker system includes 2 woofers and 2 tweeters
– 6-1/2" carbon fiber-reinforced plastic woofer cone with specialized rubber surround
– 1" silk dome tweeter with inline crossover
– handles up to 80 watts RMS (240 watts peak power)
– frequency response: 70-22,000 Hz
– sensitivity: 88 dB
– woofer mounting depth: 2-5/16
– grilles not included

Alpine S-S50

– Speaker Size: 5 1/4
– Design: 2-way
– Tweeter Design: 3/4" Dome
– Impedance (Ohms): 4
– Tweeter Composition: Silk
– Woofer Composition: Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plasti
– Woofer Surround: Rubber
– Parts Warranty: 1 Year
– Labor Warranty: 1 Year

– Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter): 87
– Sensitivity at 2.83 volts: N/A
– Frequency Response: 80 – 22k Hz
– Maximum RMS Wattage: 55
– Peak Power Handling (Watts): 170
– Top-mount Depth (Inches): 2
– Bottom-mount Depth (Inches): N/A
– Cutout Diameter or Length (inches): 4 1/2

Car/Marine Receiver Type

Double Din

Car/Marine Receiver Features

Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Navigation, SiriusXM Ready

Mobile Amplifier RMS

81 to 100 watts

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