JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 8″ 250 Watt .4 Ohm Powered Subwoofer – #93330

Brand: JL Audio
Model Number: ACP108LG-W3V3
UPC: 699440933308
JL Audio
Model Number: ACP108LG-W3V3
UPC: 699440933308

JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 #93330 MicroSub+ 250-watt 8″ powered subwoofer

  • 8″ W3v3 subwoofer in ported enclosure
  • Woofer impedance: 0.4 ohms
  • Built-in Class D amp delivers 250 watts RMS at 0.4 ohms
  • Recommended power/ground wiring gauge: 8 AWG
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JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 #93330 MicroSub+ 250-watt 8″ powered subwoofer

With JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3, the power is built right into the subwoofer system. Housing a proprietary Class D amplifier, this incredible subwoofer system utilizes our exclusive DCD amplifier technology to extract maximum output from its specially engineered, ultra low-impedance W3v3 driver. By combining direct power conversion with an ultra-high current output section, DCD amplifiers are free of conventional switching power supplies, enabling them to generate remarkable power with unprecedented efficiency.

Engineered for performance

JL Audio’s ACP108LG-W3v3 MicroSub+ powered subwoofer delivers the impressive bass you expect from JL Audio without taking up a lot of space. The compact MicroSub+ enclosure houses a built-in Class D amplifier that safely sends 250 watts RMS to the specially engineered, ultra-low impedance W3v3 8″ subwoofer.

Small enclosure, big sound

The specially designed ACP108LG-W3v3, slot-ported enclosure measures just over 5 inches thick, so it’ll fit just about anywhere. Its flared slot-port design cuts down on air turbulence and keeps your bass rich and clear. You’ll enjoy thick low-frequency response from all of your music with this capable enclosure in your vehicle. And you can easily remove the power connector from this sub, so you can pull it out of your vehicle when you a little extra space

Key to the enclosure’s performance is its efficient slot-ported design and precise tuning of its 8Wv3 subwoofer driver. Extensive interior bracing permits the use of thinner wall material that maximizes the enclosure’s internal volume relative to its exterior volume. The port wraps around two walls of the enclosure to produce the necessary low tuning frequency that ensures excellent extension and response smoothness. The flared port entry and exit further enhance sound quality by minimizing air-flow noises through the port.

Integration to OEM and aftermarket head units is a snap thanks to a variety of input options and automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC offset sensing). Also included is a variable frequency low-pass filter (50-200 Hz), along with output polarity control switch. Adding an optional RBC-1 remote level control (sold separately) lets you control subwoofer levels directly from the driver’s seat. A quick-disconnect power connector makes it easy to remove the subwoofer when you need the extra space. As with all MicroSub™ systems, these amplified versions produce the kind of output and extension normally associated with much larger systems.

Note: DCD amplified systems use very specific components. Never use a DCD amplifier or its companion subwoofer(s) with incompatible, non-DCD products. Doing so will void the warranty and may cause severe damage.

ACP108LG-W3v3 Dimensions:

External Width (W) 18.5 in / 470 mm
External Height (H) 11.125 in / 283 mm
External Depth (D1) 5.125 in / 130 mm
Net Weight 19.9 lb / 9.03 kg
Brand JL Audio   Model JL Audio ACP108LG-W3V3
Product: JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 8" 250 Watt .4 Ohm Powered Subwoofer – #93330
Weight 9.03 kg

Enclosure Type: Slot-ported, Low-profile
Finish Material: Black carpet
Grille: Black Steel Mesh
Connector Type: RCA/Set screw
Bi-amp Inputs: No
Woofer Size: 8"
Woofer Material: Mineral-filled Pol
Width: 18-3/4"
Height: 11-1/8"
Depth: 6-5/8"
Amplifier Power (RMS): 250 watts
Impedance: 0.40 ohms
Crossover Point: 50-200
Filter Mode(s): Low-Pass only
Filter Slope(s): 12 dB/octave
Filter Frequency Range: 50 Hz – 200 Hz
Output Polarity Switch: Yes
Remote Subwoofer Level Control: Optional (RBC-1)

What's in the box

JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 owner's manual
MicroSub+ enclosure (loaded with one 8W3v3-0.40 subwoofer and built-in amplifier)
Black metal grille (installed)
Power connection plug (installed)
30-amp ATO fuse (installed)
12" Speaker level amplifier input harness
Owner's manual
Specification card
Warranty information

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201 to 400 Watts

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JL Audio 2 Year Limited Warranty