JL Audio C3-650 Bundle #2 – 99022 | 93136 | 98606 | 90429 | 90356

Brand: JL Audio
Model Number: 166018
Model Number: 166018

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JL Audio C3-650 Bundle #2

This Bundle Includes:
(2) JL Audio C3-650 6.5″ Convertible Component/Coaxial Speakers – Pair – #99022
(1) JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3 12″ 500 Watt 2 Ohm Subwoofer – #93136
(1) JL Audio XD700/5v2 5 Ch, 700 Watt Amplifier – #98606
(1) JL Audio XD-PCS8-1B Premium 8 AWG 12 V Power Connection Kit – #90356
(1) JL Audio XD-CLRAIC4-18 18 Ft (5.49 m) Core Series 4 Channel Audio Interconnect Cable – #90429

JL Audio C3-650 #99022 – Evolution Component Speaker System – Pair

With the JL Audio C3-650 Convertible Component Systems, the same product can be deployed in either configuration, delivering outstanding audio power and quality in each application.

The JL Audio C3-650 system features 6.5-inch (165 mm) component woofers with oversized 1.2-inch (30.5 mm) voice coils, mineral-filled polypropylene cones and injection-molded polymer baskets. The woofer design benefits from JL Audio’s vast woofer design experience and advanced modeling systems.

The C3 tweeters are built with 1-inch silk dome diaphragms that deliver powerful, extended response, on and off axis. Flush-mounting and surface-mounting fixtures are included to fit a wide variety of installation needs. They can also be mounted onto the woofers in a coaxial format using the included fixtures.

C3 crossover networks are compact and built with premium component parts, including Mylar® capacitors and segmented air-core inductors. Four levels of tweeter attenuation are provided, as well as three levels of mid-range presence adjustment, for twelve possible voicing combinations!

Woofer grilles are included, each consisting of a black grille tray and a black steel mesh grille with an electroformed JL Audio logo.

Sonic character: Clean and Powerful

Sold as a pair.

Detailed Information:
Coaxial or Component: Both approaches can yield excellent results.

Coaxial mounting has the benefit of placing the tweeter in close proximity to the acoustic center of the woofer, resulting in more coherent output and predictable crossover behavior. From a purely practical perspective, it also avoids having to cut a separate hole for the tweeter.

Separate mounting has the benefit of placing the tweeter where it is less likely to be blocked by legs or other obstructions. As long as you don’t separate the tweeter too far from the woofer, this approach will still yield good coherence and predictable crossover behavior.

JL Audio’s Convertible Components give you the option of installing the speakers as separate components or as coaxial systems (tweeters mounted onto the center of each woofer).

JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3 #93136 Single 12W3v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported

The JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3 is an insanely powerful H.O. (High Output) system that delivers a very high SPL while retaining excellent sound quality. It uses a patented, chamber-coupled port design to minimize turbulence and maintain excellent sound quality at all listening levels. The system also includes a solid aluminum bar grilles for woofer protection. JL Audio’s H.O. systems are designed specifically to provide excellent sound quality and amazing output. You will not be disappointed with a JL H.O. subwoofer system.

Loaded with what is easily the best selling subwoofer driver, next to the W6v3, the JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3  provides phenomenal performance at moderate power levels with superb sound quality. The W3 series is in its 3rd iteration, embodying the series’ pursuit for providing outstanding output and world-class sound quality. This is accomplished by utilizing a whole suite of advanced technologies originally developed for JL Audio’s flagship W7. An Elevated Frame Cooling design helps in delivering enhanced power handling and sound quality. The DMA-optimized, long linear excursion capability minimizes distortion and increases output, while multiple patented technologies enhance performance and reliability. Such advances make the v3’s the best sounding, most reliable W3’s yet.

Although the JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3 Subwoofer can be driven with as little as 150 Watts, for best audio performance it is recommended to run an amplifier capable of between 300 – 500 Watts of continuous power per driver,

JL Audio Patented Cooling Technology

JL Audio Patented Cooling Technology

JL Audio’s patented Elevated Frame Cooling design delivers cool air into the heart of the subwoofer in ways no other manufacture’s driver can. Purpose-engineered slots located directly above the top-plate stream air to the voice coil. In addition, the upper surface of the top-plate is directly exposed to this air flow, whereas on a conventional design it is isolated from this flow by the lower flange of the frame. This technology not only increases thermal power handling, but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression. In plain English, this driver keeps itself cool so you can play your system longer, safer and without having to worry about frying the motor.

Extraordinary Linearity and Control

Tight, Clean, Articulate Bass

DMA is JL Audio’s proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis system and is aimed at improving dynamic motor behavior. As a result of DMA optimization, JL Audio HO112RG-W3v3 motors remain linear in motor force over an extreme range of excursion and also maintain a highly stable fixed magnetic field in the gap over a wide power range. This leads to vastly reduced distortion and faithfully reproduced transients… or put simply: tight, clean, articulate bass. Its main catalyst is the driver’s Ultra-long Voice Coil, that allows extreme linear excursion, phenomenal power handling and control, control, control.

JL Audio XD700/5v2 5 Channel Car Amplifier 75w x 4 + 300w x 1 – #98606

The JL Audio XD700/5v2 5 Channel Car Amplifier is ideal for a complete audiophile-grade, subwoofer + four satellite system, and it fits comfortably in just about any vehicle. With this incredible little amplifier, you can drive two pairs of quality component speaker systems with plenty of clean power (75 W x 4 @ 4 ?), while also delivering a stout 300 W of power to a subwoofer system. The breakthrough that makes this much power possible in such a small chassis is our NexD™ switching design.

The XD700/5v2 includes a 12 dB / octave high-pass filter for one main channel pair, a 12 dB octave high-pass or bandpass filter for the other main channel pair, plus a variable slope low-pass filter for its subwoofer channel. All three filters offer continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-500 Hz. This amplifier’s filters can also be configured as a true 3-way crossover, with a low-pass filter for the subwoofer channel, a bandpass filter on Ch. 3 & 4, and a high-pass filter on Ch. 1 & 2. An “x10” multiplier switch on the Ch. 1 & 2 high-pass filter allows its cutoff frequency to be adjusted from 50-500 Hz or 500-5000 Hz.

The JL Audio XD700/5v2 also features the v2 Spec feature set, which consists of automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing), and a dual-range differential-balanced input section able to handle a wide range of input voltage levels. With the addition of an HD-RLC remote level control (sold separately), the amplifier’s level can be directly controlled from the driver’s seat.

This amplifier features a black powder-coat finish and a gasketed, brushed aluminum cover for the controls.

This Amp Will Power Your Whole System

JL Audio’s XD700/5v2 amp packs a wallop far beyond what you’d expect from something so small. Proprietary NexD™ amplifier technology allows this compact amp to play your music with true fidelity and impressive impact, without straining your car’s electrical system. A cast alloy heatsink and an advanced cooling system keep this amp at optimal temperature, eliminating thermal shut-downs so your music keeps going strong without interruption.

Versatile Amp

This 5-channel amp can deliver 75 watts RMS to each of your front and rear speakers, while powering a sub with up to 300 watts. You can also switch to 3-channel mode, and power a pair of high-performance speakers with 200 watts each, while still driving a sub with 300 watts.

And for those who run 3-way, or active speaker systems, the XD700/5v2’s front channels can be high-passed to run tweeters, the rear channels band-passed for midrange or mid-bass speakers, and the sub channel low-passed for bass.

Works With Almost Any Vehicle’s System

“Differential-balanced” inputs keep the signals clear of outside noise, and allow you to connect this amp to just about any in-dash stereo, even a factory radio. The speaker-level inputs feature two auto turn-on modes so you can readily incorporate this amp into a factory system — no need for RCA connections or a remote turn-on lead. An optional wired remote lets you tweak the level of the subwoofer or the whole system from your front seat.

JL Audio XD-PCS8-1B Premium 8 AWG 12 V Power Connection Kit, Single Amplifier #90356

Amplifier installation kits can save you time & money when installing an amplifier in your vehicle like the JL Audio XD-PCS8-1B 8 AWG Amplifier. Instead of purchasing everything you need separately like power/ground cables, remote turn-on cable, fuse blocks, fuses, and more, you can get an amp kit that already has the cables & accessories in one package. This JL Audio 8 AWG Amplifier Power Connection Kit includes all the necessary hardware and wire to power one amplifier and is designed specifically for car audio systems up to 400 watts. The included premium power/ground cable is made from 100% oxygen-free copper and is true-to-gauge for ultimate power transfer. This XD-PCS8-1B power amp kit includes 19-feet of 8 AWG frosted blue power cable, 3-feet of 8 AWG clear ground cable, 20-feet of 18 AWG blue remote turn-on wire, Maxi Fuse holder, 40 Amp fuse and more. Amplifier wiring kits come in various gauge configurations depending on the wattage of your sound system and include all the necessary components you need to successfully install an amplifier. This kit is appropriate for single amplifiers with fuse ratings from 20A to 40A.

JL Audio 8 AWG

Everything you need to make secure, high-integrity power connections to a single amplifier with up to a 40A fuse rating. Our compact Maxi Master Fuse Block is easy to install and allows you to accurately fuse your amplifier. A beefy self-tapping ground screw is also included to help you achieve a solid ground. As with all our Premium kits, the power wire is true AWG-spec, pure OFC copper.

JL Audio XD-CLRAIC4-18 #90429 18 Ft (5.49 m) Core Series 4 Channel Audio Interconnect Cable

The JL Audio XD-CLRAIC4-18 is 4-channel Twisted-Pair Audio Interconnect Cable. Twisted construction for increased quality.Pure oxygen free copper conductors with Polyethylene Dielectrics molded connector bodies for extended durability.

Brand JL Audio   Model JL Audio 166018
Product: JL Audio C3-650 Bundle #2 - 99022 | 93136 | 98606 | 90429 | 90356

– Woofers: Injection-Molded Polymer Frame,
– Patented Elevated Frame
– Cooling (U.S. Patent #6,219,431 & #6,229,902), DMA-Optimized Motor
– System, Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cone, Rubber Surround, 1.2-in. / 31
– mm Voice Coil, Kapton® Former, Low-Profile, Symmetrical Roll Spider,
– Ferrite Magnet

– Tweeters: 1.00 in. / 25 mm Silk Soft Dome with Ferrofluid Cooling
– and Damping and Neodymium Magnet
– Fixed Angle Flush-Mount, Surface-Mount and Coaxial-Mount Systems

– Crossover
– Networks: 2-way networks with 1st order low-pass and 2nd order
– high-pass filters, premium Mylar® capacitors, air-core inductors,
– 4-position adjustable tweeter output level, 3-position midrange presence
– control, Polyswitch tweeter protection
– Continuous Power Handling: 75 Watts Rec.
– Power Range (per channel): 25 – 150 Watts

– System
– Efficiency: 90.0 dB @ 1W/1m
– 96.0 dB @ 1W/0.5m
– System
– Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
– System Frequency Response: 48 Hz – 25 KHz ± 3 dB
– Woofer Frame Outer
– Diameter* (A) 6.50 in. / 165.1 mm
– Woofer Grille Tray
– Outer Diameter** (B) 6.74 in. / 171.2 mm
– Woofer Magnet Outer
– Diameter (C) 4.08 in. / 103.6 mm w/o cover
– Frontal Coaxial
– Tweeter Protrusion*** (D) 0.75 in. / 19.1 mm
– Woofer Frontal
– Grille Protrusion**** (E) 1.03 in. / 26.2 mm
– Woofer Mounting Hole
– Diameter (F) 5.56 in. / 141.2 mm
– Woofer Mounting
– Depth (G) 2.55 in. / 64.8 mm w/o cover
– Flush Mount Fixture
– Diameter (A) 2.12 in. / 53.8 mm
– Flush Mount Trim-Ring Diameter
– (B) N/A
– Flush Mount Mounting
– Hole Diameter (C) 1.875 in. / 47.6 mm
– Flush Mount Mounting
– Depth (D) 0.71 in. / 18.0 mm
– Surface Mount
– Fixture Diameter (E) 1.93 in. / 49.0 mm
– Surface Mount
– Protrusion (F) 0.95 in. / 24.1 mm
– Height (A) 4.72 in. / 119.9 mm
– Width (B) 3.36 in. / 85.3 mm
– Depth (C) 1.44 in. / 36.6 mm


– Single 10″ W3v3 Series H.O. Wedge Loaded Ported Enclosure
– Power Handling:
– RMS: 500 watts
– Recommended Power Range: 150 – 500 watts
– Nominal Impedance: 2-Ohm
– Injection-molded, mineral-filled polypropylene cone
– Nitrile butadiene rubber surround
– Stamped steel basket
– Customization trim ring
– Floating-cone attach method
– Highly linear, DMA-Optimized motor system
– Insert molded suspension, coil and terminal sub-assembly
– Patented vented reinforcement collar (VRC®)
– Elevated frame cooling design
– Nickel plated brass spring terminals
– Engineered lead-wire design and attachments
– Precision-built in USA at JL Audios Miramar, Florida factory
– Sensitivity: 87.15 dB
– Xmax: 13.0 mm
– Reference Efficiency (no): 0.3100%
– Frequency response: ~22 ~ 200 Hz
– Matching Amplifiers:
– JL Audio XD600/1v2


– RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels) – 75 x 4
180 x 1

– Peak Power Output (Watts x Channels) – N/A
– Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels) – 100 x 4
– Bridged Power (Watts x Channels) – 200 x 2
– Minimum Impedance Bridged – 4
– Minimum Impedance Unbridged – 2
– Best Frequency Response – 12-22000 Hz
– THD at Rated RMS Power – 1%
– Signal to Noise Ratio – 84 dB
– Input Voltage – 14.4v


– Number of Amplifiers Supported: 1
– Power/Ground Wire Size: 8 gauge
– Power Wire Length: 19 feet
– Power Wire Color: Blue
– Ground Wire Length: 3 feet
– Ground Wire Color: Clear
– Speaker Wire Included: No
– Remote Wire Length: 20 feet
– Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included: No
– Fuse Holder: MAXI
– Fuse Size: 40A
– Distribution Block Included: No
– Complies to AWG Standards: Yes
– Wire Material: OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper)


– 18 Ft (5.49 m) Core Series 4 Channel Audio Interconnect Cable
– Twisted construction for increased quality
– Pure oxygen free copper conductors with Polyethylene Dielectrics
– Molded connector bodies for extended durability
– Length: 18 Ft (5.49 M)


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