JL Audio CP112-WOV3 Subwoofer | JX250/1D Amplifier | RBC-1 Remote Bundle – 93281 | 99402 | 98015

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JL Audio CP112-W0v3 Sub w/ JX250/1D Amp and RBC-1 Bass Remote – #93281 – #99402 – #98015 – Bundle

What’s included in this JL Audio CP112-W0v3 Bundle:

(1) JL Audio CP112-W0v3 #93281 – Slot Ported Single Enclosure
(1) JL Audio JX250/1D #99402 – Monoblock Class D Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier
(1) JL Audio RBC-1 Car Audio Bass Remote Control 98015

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JL Audio CP112-WOV3 Subwoofer | JX250/1D Amplifier | RBC-1 Remote Bundle – 93281 | 99402 | 98015

What’s included in this JL Audio CP112-W0v3 Bundle:

(1) JL Audio CP112-W0v3 #93281 – Slot Ported Single Enclosure
(1) JL Audio JX250/1D #99402 – Monoblock Class D Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier
(1) JL Audio RBC-1 Car Audio Bass Remote Control 98015

JL Audio CP112-W0v3 BassWedge slot-ported enclosure with one 12″ W0v3 subwoofer #9328

JL Audio built the JL Audio CP112-W0v3 enclosure to make car-rattling bass for a reasonable price, without the need for a ton of power. The enclosure’s designed to match the 12″ sub loaded into it, so you know you’ll get every ounce of performance out of this enclosure.

BassWedge CP112-W0v3 enclosureAn excellent combination

The JL Audio CP112-W0v3 BassWedge contains one 12″ W0v3 subwoofer that handles up to 300 watts RMS, and is loaded into a specially built slot-ported enclosure. The enclosure can be placed with the woofer firing downwards, or in typical front or rear firing applications, giving you immense bass regardless of how you place it.

Solid MDF enclosure

JL Audio uses state-of-the-art automated woodworking equipment to fabricate the high-quality MDF enclosure with rugged automotive carpeting, nickel-plated push terminals, and solid internal wiring.Rear view of BassWedge CP112-W0v3 enclosure


Overview: The JL Audio CP112-W0v3 slot-ported BassWedge subwoofer enclosure is designed around JL Audio’s 12″ W0v3-4 (4Ω) subwoofer. Aggressive tuning delivers powerful bass without the need for a huge amplifier. The MDF enclosure is covered with gray carpet and has JL AUDIO logos embroidered across the top and front. The enclosure design offers a variety of installation options: forward, rear or down firing. The slot-port runs along the bottom of the enclosure and fires on the same plane as the woofer; the port mouth is flared to minimize air-flow noises.

Speaker Terminal: The enclosure uses one pair of nickel-plated, high current spring posts. The posts are located on the left side of the box and will accept pin connectors, single or dual banana plugs, or bare wire up to 10 gauge.

W0v3 Woofer Features:

  • Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA): DMA is JL Audio’s proprietary method of improving dynamic motor behavior. As a result of DMA optimization, the 12W0v3-4 motor displays linear force over a long excursion range, and also maintains a stable fixed magnetic field in the gap over a wide power range. The result is a reduced distortion, faithfully reproduced transients, and tight, clean, articulate bass.
  • Elevated Frame Cooling: The elevated frame design of the 12W0v3-4 delivers cool air through slots directly above the top plate to the voice coil. This not only enhances power handling, but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression.
  • Rear Gasket: The woofer has a rear gasket to provide an optimal seal when installing into the enclosure.
  • Long Excursion: The subwoofer has an Xmax of 11.4mm, giving you louder bass with less distortion.

Optional Grille: The optional SGRU-12 grille (sold separately) can be added to protect the woofer cone.

Dimensions: The JL Audio CP112-W0v3 enclosure isn’t symmetrical; it’s approximately 16-1/2″ wide, 15-3/8″ tall at its tallest point (toward the front), 13-1/8″ tall at its shortest point (toward the back), 20-3/4″ deep at the base, and 16-5/8″ deep at the top.

JL Audio JX250/1D #99402 – Monoblock Class D Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier

This rugged and reliable JL Audio JX250/1D Class D monoblock uses a robust MOSFET power supply design that delivers rock-solid bass performance at a very affordable price.

Targeted specifically for subwoofer applications, it includes a low-pass filter with continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-200 Hz. It also features a variable bass boost at 45 Hz. with up to 12 dB of boost and an optional remote boost control. Dedicated hi-level inputs are included, in addition to conventional low-level RCA inputs and a set of pass-through preamp outputs, making it easy to integrate with a variety of OEM and aftermarket head units.

Lots of power from a very small box

JL Audio’s JX250/1D mono amplifier will power your subwoofer with up to 250 watts RMS, so you can experience powerful bass in your music. A variable low-pass filter and bass boost help you tune your sub to sound its best in your system. An optional remote level control lets you turn the sub up or down from the front seat.

You know you’re holding a serious piece of sound equipment when you feel the heft of this tiny JX amp. JL Audio built it with sturdy, high-grade parts that ensure excellent heat management, provide high current flow, and deliver stable performance in almost any situation. You won’t find blinking lights or meters on the outside of these amps, but you will find oversized output transistors and rugged MOSFET power supplies inside. The high-mass aluminum heatsink keeps things cool enough to virtually eliminate thermal shut-downs.

JL Audio RBC-1 Car Audio Bass Remote Control 98015

The JL Audio RBC-1, is a “Bass Boost” switch that activates a +6dB boost centered at 48 Hz.

JL Audio amplifiers feature bass-boost circuitry to help you adjust low-frequency impact in your vehicle. The RBC-1 wired remote bass control works with all of JL Audio’s A-Series, G-Series, RD Series, mono JX-Series, and most Slash v2 amps. You can mount the RBC-1 controller in the front of your vehicle and dial in the amount of bass you want from the driver’s seat — mounting instructions, hardware, and a 18′ cable are included.

Connect the JL Audio RBC-1 to your amp, and it converts the amp’s selectable bass boost (0 or 6 dB) to a variable boost (0 to 12 dB). With the Slash v2 amps, the RBC-1 takes the place of the amp’s boost knob, allowing you to adjust your bass boost from 0 to 15 dB. With RD Series and JX-Series mono amps, the RBC-1 controls the amp’s subwoofer level, from full mute to full volume.

The RBC-1 remotely controls the Bass Level of the following JL Audio amplifiers

JX-Series: JX250/1JX500/1JX500/1DJX1000/1D
HX-Series: HX300/1 in Low Pass Mode (Note: M-RBC-1 is also available)
MHX-Series: MHX300/1 in Low Pass Mode (Note: M-RBC-1 is also available)

When the JL Audio RBC-1 is connected to the above amplifiers, the on-board “Boost” control of the amplifier is defeated and the RBC-1 becomes the active controller.

The RBC-1 kit includes the rotary control with a black ABS knob, mounting hardware and one 18 ft. (5.5 m) cable.

Additional Information

Weight 15.85 kg
CP112-W0v3 Specifications

– Woofer Size (inches): 12
– Woofer Material: Polypropylene
– Enclosure Type: Ported
– Color: Gray
– Pieces in System: 1
– Width (inches): 16-1/2
– Height (inches): 15-3/8
– Depth (inches): 20-3/4
– Second Depth (inches): 16-5/8
– Connector Type: Spring post
– Frequency Response: 22-250 Hz
– Power Range (Watts RMS): 300
– Maximum Wattage: 600
– Sensitivity: 86 dB
– Impedance: 4 ohms

RMS Power

76 to 100 Watts, 101 to 200 Watts

JX250/1D Specifications

Power Specifications – Subwoofer Channel
– RMS Power @ 4 ohms 160 watts x 1 channels
– RMS Power @ 2 ohms 250 watts x 1 channels

Power Specifications – Full Range Channels
– Peak Power @ 4 ohms 320 watts x 1 channels
– Peak Power @ 2 ohms 500 watts x 1 channels

Amplifier Specifications
– Amplifier Series JX (JL Audio)
– Amplifier Class D
– Number of Channels 1 – Mono
– Maximum Input Gauge Size 8 AWG
– Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2 ohms
– THD at Rated RMS Power 97 dB
– Bass Boost 0 – 12 dB

RBC-1 Specifications

– Remote bass control for JL Audio A-Series, G-Series, RD Series, and Slash v2 amplifiers (except the 300/2v2 and the 300/4v2)
– Allows variable (0-12 dB) bass boost in JL Audio A-Series and G-Series amps
– Remote level control for RD Series and mono JL Audio JX-Series amps (JX250.1, JX500.1, and JX1000.1)
– 18′ remote cable and mounting hardware included
– 13/16″W x 13/16″H x 1-5/8″D

Whats In The Box:
– Bass Controller with attached knob and 9″ cord terminated by a female RJ-11 port
– 18′ control cable with a male RJ-11 connector on each end
– 2 Nuts
– 2 Washers
– Installation Instructions

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