JL Audio Premium Boat Package Includes – #98226 | #91750 | #99920 | #99921 | #99905 | #91733


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JL Audio Premium Boat Package Includes – #98226 – #91750 – #99920 – #99921 – #99905 – #91733

This JL Audio Premium Boat Package Includes:
(1) JL Audio MHD900/5 Marine 5ch Amplifier #98226
(2) JL Audio M770-CCS-SG-WH Marine Speakers (2 Pairs) #91750
(1) JL Audio MM100S-BE Mediamaster Marine 4-Zone Receiver #99920
(1) JL Audio MMR-20-BE Mediamaster Marine Wired Remote #99921
(1) JL Audio MMC-25 Extension cable for wired remotes #99905

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Product Description

JL Audio Premium Boat Package Includes – #98226 | #91750 | #99920 | #99921 | #99905 | #91733

This JL Audio Premium Boat Package Includes:
(1) JL Audio MHD900/5 Marine 5ch Amplifier #98226
(2) JL Audio M770-CCS-SG-WH Marine Speakers (2 Pairs) #91750
(1) JL Audio MM100S-BE Mediamaster Marine 4-Zone Receiver #99920
(1) JL Audio MMR-20-BE Mediamaster Marine Wired Remote #99921
(1) JL Audio MMC-25 Extension cable for wired remotes #99905

JL Audio MHD900/5 Marine 5 Ch Full-Range System Amplifier #98226

The JL Audio MHD900/5 Series amplifiers offer the ultimate in high performance from an ultra-compact chassis. They combine legendary high-end technology and rugged construction, so you can enjoy world-class sound that’ll keep playing strong in the demanding marine environment. These Class D amplifiers use less power, take up less space, and generate less heat than traditional amp designs. JL Audio tests their MHD Series amplifier designs in the most extreme conditions to ensure reliable performance. Powder-coated aluminum panels and heatsinks, along with stainless steel connectors and screws, ensure flawless performance in humid and corrosive conditions.

JL Audio technology goes to work for you

MHD Series amplifiers reproduce your music with exceptional accuracy, so you’ll hear high-fidelity sound even under the most demanding conditions. JL Audio uses Single Cycle Control™ technology to eliminate the excessive signal distortion that’s plagued Class D amplifiers in the past, so you get all the benefits of this space-saving design without a down side. Differential-balanced inputs eliminate noise before it hits the preamp stage, and allow you to connect the amp to just about any in-dash stereo. You’ll hear clear, true, studio-quality audio, exactly what you expect from JL Audio.

Power your entire system with one compact amp

The 5-channel MHD900/5 amplifier pushes 100 watts RMS per channel to two sets of full-range speakers, plus 500 watts RMS to a sub — all from a 2″ tall chassis that’s about the size of a sheet of computer paper. Or, you can bridge the front and rear channels to drive 150 watts RMS each into two speakers, while still running your sub at 500 watts.

The regulated power supply allows this amp to deliver its rated power to a wide range of impedances, even when voltage levels drop during heavy use. Removable power and speaker plugs make it easy to pop this amp out if you need the space in your cargo area.

JL Audio Marine M770-CCS-SG-WH #91750 – 7.7″ Component System with White Sports Grilles – 2 Pair

JL Audio designed these JL Audio Marine M770-CCS-SG-WH component speakers to deliver powerful sound that’ll cut through the noise when you’re tearing along your favorite stretch of water. Designed to be mounted in your boat’s bulkheads, these rugged speakers use marine-grade stainless steel, synthetic fibers, and UV-resistant polymer baskets to surround and protect their inner workings against humidity and salt. As an added bonus, the UV protection ensures the “Sport” grilles will stay white, looking factory-fresh even after years of sun exposure.

Covering the highs and lows

The system’s two 7.7″ woofers deliver strong bass with stiff mica-injected polypropylene cones suspended in durable synthetic-rubber surrounds, while powerful neodymium magnets cut down on weight without affecting performance. The smooth-sounding treated silk dome tweeters disperse the high frequencies in a wide pattern for excellent stereo imaging. Surface- and flush-mount tweeter housings provide flexible mounting options.

High-quality crossover networks

High-quality 2-way crossover networks route the highs and lows to the appropriate drivers for a winning combination of clean sound quality and speaker efficiency. JL Audio attaches the crossovers to the woofer baskets, so you don’t have to worry about where to mount them.


Marine Tested: JL Audio’s marine speakers go through ultraviolet testing chambers (to simulate years of sun exposure) and salt fog chambers (to simulate years of exposure to salt-water environments) to assure you years of durability and high performance.

Woofers: The JL Audio Marine M770-CCS-SG-WH Marine Component System features 7.7-inch diameter woofers that provides 20% more sound radiating area than typical 6.5-inch designs and also benefit from an oversized 1.25-inch diameter voice coil for additional power handling. The JL Audio Marine Cockpit woofers features an injection-molded, mica-filled polypropylene cone woofer with UV inhibitors, a synthetic rubber surround and a precisely engineered dust cap profile for smooth upper-end response. The woofer uses a marine-grade synthetic fiber spider with a progressive roll design and a vented motor structure with a marine grade stainless steel rear diffuser plate.

DMA (Dynamic Motor Analysis): DMA is JL Audio’s proprietary method aimed at improving dynamic motor behavior. The DMA-optimized long-excursion design enhances output, bass extension and power handling of the speaker.

Tweeters: The Marine Cockpit Component System features separately mounted 1″ treated silk dome tweeters with a specially formulated treatment to withstand UV and salt-spray exposure. The dome tweeters use an oversized neodymium magnet for higher efficiency levels and are Ferrofluid-cooled and damped for improved response and power handling capabilities. The tweeters come supplied with surface and flush mount fixtures.

Flush Mount: Mounting Height = 0.492″, Mounting Depth = 0.697″, Frame Diameter = 2.382″Cutout Diameter = 1.855″
Surface Mount: 
Mounting Height = 1.002″, Frame Diameter = 2.434″, Screw Depth = 0.542″

Crossover: The JL Audio Marine M770-CCS-SG-WH Component System utilizes a true 2-way crossover network with 1st order low-pass and 2nd order high-pass circuits. The crossover network also features a polyswitch solid-state tweeter protection which prevents tweeter failures due to abuse and resets automatically. The crossovers are mounted directly to the woofer’s polymer basket, requiring no additional mounting provisions.

Polymer Baskets And Grilles: The Centrex, UV-resistant polymer basket and grilles protect the component system’s woofers, crossovers, motor structure and tweeters from the marine environment.

JL Audio MediaMaster MM100S-BE Marine 4-zone Digital Media Receiver #99920

High-performance componentry, marine-rated construction, and boater-friendly ergonomics make JL Audio’s Media Master MM100S-BE digital media receiver the ideal centerpiece of a stem-to-stern sound system that will be the envy of any marina.

Designed for great sound

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about JL Audio is sound. That’s actually the first thing their designers thought about, too. Most receivers have a standard “chip” amplifier, but this one doesn’t have a built-in amp at all. Instead, you’ll find 8-channel audiophile-quality preamp-level outputs that you’ll connect to your marine amplifiers. The result is superb sound on any boat, no matter the size or layout.

Four zones for more control

With four audio zones, the MM100s-BE lets you build the system you want for your boat. A user-friendly interface gives you enhanced volume control in all four four fully variable zones. Here’s the setup:

  • Main Audio Zone: bass, midrange, treble and balance controls;
  • Zone 2: independent bass, midrange, treble and balance controls, plus absolute or relative volume control;
  • Zone 3: controls a subwoofer, or you can make it a third full-range zone like Zone 2;
  • Zone 4: a fixed level zone that’s ideal for subs.

The first three zones feature a zero-clipping audio circuit design, with self-limiting tone controls to prevent speaker damage.

Thoroughly modern media

You won’t find a CD player in the MM100S-BE, just lots of ways to get the most out of your digital music collection. In addition to an AM/FM/Weather Band tuner, the MM100s-BE offers a wide range of ways to connect external devices. Here are all the ways you can crank up the tunes through your MM100s-BE:

•  Bluetooth® audio streaming with AptX® for superior sound quality and total control of play/pause and track up/down functions;

• USB 2.0 direct-digital connection for your iPhone® or USB storage device;

• SiriusXM-Ready: connect to the SiriusXM SXV300 tuner (sold separately, subscription required) to enjoy satellite radio programming when you’re many miles offshore;

• AUX input for connection to a wide range of audio sources

Real-world usability

JL Audio designed the MM100s-BE to excel in the marine environment; it’s not a car receiver that’s been modified to simply survive in it. Marine-grade components and IPX66-rated weatherproofing ensure long life, but when you look at this receiver, you can tell it was designed by people who know what it’s like to change music sources in choppy water on a dark night.

A keen understanding of real-world ergonomics went into the display, which features an intuitive interface with large text that’s easy to read while you’re in motion. Big buttons and a generously-proportioned control knob fall easily to hand when you need them. The big, bright, full-color 3-1/2″ display offers adjustable day/night lighting modes that will give you the level of brightness that works best for you and your boat. And, of course, the sleek black exterior will look great in your boat.

If you need more ways to control the sound around your boat, you can add optional JL Audio MMR-20 BE remotes.

JL Audio MMR-20-BE MediaMaster Wired Remote Controller #99921

Connecting an optional JL Audio MMR-20-BE Wired Remote Controller will add auxiliary control functionality from extended locations, such as separate audio zones throughout a vessel. Up to three remotes may be connected to a single MediaMaster MM100-BE at a maximum distance of 75 ft.

LED Source Indicators

Blue LED indicators on the front of the remote controller are used to report the currently selected source. Pressing the button will cycle through each source option (RADIO/USB/Bluetooth/AUX).

Since the JL Audio MMR-20-BE does not incorporate a display screen, all available tuner options (AM/FM/WB/SiriusXM) are combined as “RADIO”. When RADIO is chosen, the last tuner used will be selected. To change tuners, use the MediaMaster source unit.

Control Functions

Below is a list of the JL Audio MMR-20-BE command functions.  The functionality of some controls will vary depending on the current source and/or last tuner selected. Note: The MediaMaster source unit only accepts commands from the MMR-20-BE when its display is on a “Now Playing Screen” or in the “SOURCE: Select” menu screen.

MMR20-BE Control Functions

MMR-20 Backlight Settings

Brightness settings for the MMR-20’s LEDs and buttons can be accessed in the MediaMaster source unit’s System Settings menu.  Adjustments can be set independently for Day and Night lighting modes.

To access the remote controller backlight settings on the MediaMaster source unit:

1. Press and hold SETTINGS to access the System Settings: Main Menu .

2. Turn VOL/SEL to Display  and press to enter.

3. Use VOL/SEL to select Day Mode  or Night Mode  and press to enter.

4. Turn VOL/SEL to Brightness  and press to enter.

5. Turn VOL/SEL to Remote Backlight and press to enter.

6. Turn VOL/SEL to adjust the remote’s brightness and press to set.

JL Audio MMC-25 Extension cable for JL Audio MediaMaster Wired Marine Remotes #99905 – 25 Feet

The JL Audio MMC-25 is available in 6-foot or  25-foot lengths, this cable will extend the reach of your JL Audio MediaMaster wired marine remote control.


Remote Controller Cable: This JL Audio remote controller cable is required when connecting the o JL Audio MMR-20 wired remote controller (sold separately) to JL Audio’s MediaMaster MM100S marine source unit (sold separately). Its available in 6′ and 25′ lengths. You can daisy-chain remote controller cables together if you need longer lengths (up to 75′ maximum).

Additional Information

Weight 3.78 kg
General Specifications

Power Specifications – Full Range Channels

– RMS Power @ 4 ohms 100 watts x 4 channels
– RMS Power @ 2 ohms 75 watts x 4 channels
– Bridged RMS Power 150 watts x 2 channels

Power Specifications – Subwoofer Channel
– RMS Power @ 4 ohms 500 watts x 1 channels
– RMS Power @ 2 ohms 500 watts x 1 channels

Amplifier Specifications
– Amplifier Series MHD (JL Audio)
– Marine Certified Yes
– Amplifier Class D
– Number of Channels 5
– Total RMS Power Output 900 watts
– Maximum Input Gauge Size 4 AWG
– Minimum Impedance Unbridged 1.5 ohms
– Minimum Impedance Bridged 3 ohms
– THD at Rated RMS Power .03%
– Speaker Level Inputs Yes
– Preamp Outputs No
– Built-in Crossover Low-Pass (LP)
– High-Pass (HP)
– Full (AP)
– High-Pass Crossover Frequency 50 – 500 Hz
– Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 50 – 500 Hz
– Subsonic Filter Switchable Off/30 Hz
– Signal-to-Noise Ratio 108 dB
– Bass/Gain Remote Optional (Accessory required and sold separately)
– JL Audio HD-RLC
– Fan Cooled No
– Fuse Rating 60A X 1 In-Line Fuse Recommended

What's in the Box

– Owner’s manual
– 5-Channel class-D full-range marine amplifier
– Power/Ground/Turn-On plug
– 3 Speaker connection plugs
– 3mm Allen-wrench
– 5mm Allen-wrench
– Mounting bolts

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