Klipsch RSA-500 Amp In-Wall 500W Subwoofer Amplifier- Black

Model Number: RSA-500
UPC: 743878017311
Model Number: RSA-500
UPC: 743878017311

Klipsch RSA-500 Amp In-Wall 500W Subwoofer Amplifier

  • 300 watts (mono) RMS into 8 ohms (500 watts into 4 ohms when driving two subwoofers)
  • frequency response 20-1,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • high-efficiency BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) amplifier
  • continuously variable 40-120 Hz low-pass crossover
  • speaker-level and line-level inputs and outputs





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Klipsch RSA-500 Amp In-Wall 500W Subwoofer Amplifier

This Klipsch RSA-500 high-powered device will drive up to two of any of these subwoofer modules and delivers 300 watts into an 8-ohm load (one subwoofer module) and 500 watts into a 4-ohm load (two subwoofer modules). It also comes with rack ears for fast and secure placement into any standard 19-inch rack.

To keep end users from inadvertently tampering with performance levels the majority of the RSA-500’s controls are housed on its rear panel. The fuse is also included on the back for quick and easy replacement. A detachable IEC power cord allows for the simple removal and reinstallation of the entire amplifier unit. The Klipsch RSA-500 was also designed to “play nice” by offering standard input/output connectivity that will support any type of system.

While the RSA-500 subwoofer amplifier was primarily designed for use with the RW-5802 inwall subwoofer, it also features custom settings for the AW-800-SW outdoor subwoofer and the RW-5101-C in-ceiling subwoofer.

EQ switch for use with different subwoofers ,  Selectable signal-sensing or voltage triggered auto-on/off circuit , 300 watts continuous into 8 ohms or 500 watts continuous into 4 ohms , Line and speaker level inputs , Rack ears included.

Speaker Level Inputs

The Speaker Level inputs which allow this amplifier to be used in whole house distributed audio systems or with receivers that do not feature line or subwoofer outputs. You may connect either the inputs or outputs with Banana or pin connectors as well as stripped wire up to 12 gauge.

Line Level Inputs and Outputs

The Line Level inputs consists of a pair of stereo jacks and a single LFE RCA phono jack. Either one or both of the stereo jacks may be used. (Use a shielded, high quality subwoofer interconnect cable of appropriate length with RCA plugs on each end. Contact one of  our Gibbys Sale staff we can help you select a suitable cable.) Use the LFE jack when you are using the crossover built into your receiver or processor. The stereo inputs should be used when you wish to utilize the crossover built into the Klipsch RSA-500 The Line Level outputs consist of a pair of gold plated stereo RCA jacks and a single LFE RCA phono jack. This set of outputs are unfiltered pass through for both the Line Level and LFE input signals. They can be used to connect to a second Klipsch RSA-500 amplifier or to connect back to your electronics if needed.

Phase Control

The Phase control on the RSA-500 is switchable between either 0˚ or 180˚. This control allows you to fine tune the performance of your subwoofer system by optimizing the blend with the main speakers. One of the positions may result in an audible increase in bass output depending upon room placement.

Equalizer Selection

The Equalizer switch has four settings which are labeled 1 through 4. In the “1” position, the EQ curve selected is optimized for the RW-5802 in-wall subwoofer. In the “2” position, the EQ curve selected is optimized for the AW-800-SW outdoor subwoofer. In the “3” position, the EQ curve selected is optimized for the RW-5101-C in-ceiling subwoofer. The position labeled “4” is for future use.

Model RSA-500
Model: RSA-500
Product: Klipsch RSA-500 Amp In-Wall 500W Subwoofer Amplifier- Black
Weight 9.0 kg

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