LG 65UU770H Series 4K Ultra HD LCD Smart TV

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LG 65UU770H Series 4K Ultra HD LCD Smart TV

  • Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution
  • New Quick Menu(2.0)
  • Voice Recognition
  • LAN out with VLAN(Virtual LAN) ID)

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Product Description

LG 65UU770H Series 4K Ultra HD LCD Smart TV

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution

Pro:Centric SMART is optimized for customizing hospitality services for hotel brands and guests through an IP & RF infrastructure. With its high picture quality, sophisticated design and advanced connectivity functions, it upscales in-room entertainment and increases convenience through implementation of high-end technology.

* Customized UI may be little different.

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Server Application

You can now differentiate your hotel with our customizable templates and pages which can be specialized for your property. Pro:Centric provides you a solution that is easily customizable for your business.

Pro:Centric Smart Application Platform

Pro:Centric Direct Solution

Pro:Centric Direct is a hotel content management system that supports simple editing tools and provides various solutions such as 1-click service and IP-network-based remote management. With the solution, users enable to design UI easily and provide customized service while managing TV efficiently.

* Actual UI may be little different.

Pro:Centric V Hotel Management Solution

Multi Languages

39 languages including Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi, and language alignment are supported, making your guests’ stay a more comfortable one.

Pro:Centric V Hotel Management Solution

Basic & Easy Templates

Pro:Centric Application (PCA) provides one Basic & Easy Template. making a total of three templates, that customers can select according to their preference.

Pro:Centric V Hotel Management Solution

Customizable Template & Page

Choose an alternative look & feel template based on your preference, and edit multiple sections with 40 pages of billboards by yourself with the web based tool. (Max 15pages / section Available)

Pro:Centric V Hotel Management Solution

Multi Channel Spooling

Operation of up to 8 hotel channels (22 sub-channels) can offer various information and added services.

Value Added Features

New Quick Menu (2.0)

You can enjoy LG’s simple home menu solution. It provides editable welcome message, date/time and other frequently used menus in the form of bar. These can be all set with a remote control or USB, and guests are able to easily access the menus they want improving satisfaction of their stay.

Value Added Features

Voice Recognition

New Voice Recognition feature enables guest to easily control LG TV. This Smart Interaction may be manipulated by TV native control and Server based control.

* TV native Control
* Server Based control
* Magic Motion Remote is required(sold separately)

Value Added Features

Perfect picture quality and color

Enjoy Full HD content in 4K ULTRA HD quality by 4K Upscaler. The 4K Upscale automatically upgrades Full HD content to ULTRA HD through several steps of the upscaling processes. And also this LG TV can deliver intense highlights, vivid colors and deep black on the screen by HDR10.

Value Added Features

Smart TV by LG WebOS 4.0

This is LG Smart TV with WebOS 4.0. Explore the latest LG Smart TV features, and discover TVs that deliver innovative technology, remarkable clarity, and true-to-life colors.

* Actual In-screen image may be little different.

Value Added Features

Smart Clock

This Visualized app-based clock provides information on current local time and times from around the world in smart way.

* Actual In-screen image may be little different.

Value Added Features

Facility Virtual View

Guests may see the Hotel facility or room they stay through 360 VR or Panorama view contents.

* All pictures shown below are for illustration purpose only
(for a better understanding). Actual device and screen may differ.

Hospitality Features


SmartShare allows users to share content more easily and quickly. It also searches for the content they want in order to share it more easily and accurately, there by simplifying the process of sharing between various devices.

Hospitality Features


Connect a smartphone or a laptop PC to TV via a Wi-Fi Direct connection. The TV will display the device’s screen, and users can share their content and memories together.

Hospitality Features

Bluetooth Sound Sync

Bluetooth Sound Sync enables users to listen to music on a mobile device through TV speakers via Bluetooth connection.

* Support devices for Bluetooth Sound Sync : Android (above v4.4 KitKat)/ iOS based Mobile Device

Hospitality Features


SoftAP means Software enabled Access Point. This “Virtual” Wi-Fi feature executes by software working on the device to create a wireless hotspot.

* SoftAP should be set in installaton ,menu after TV is on.
* Smart Mirroring may not be operated at same time.

Hospitality Features

LAN out with VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID

Enhance the connectivity experience by overcoming space constraint. This feature enables users to manage a virtual LAN via LAN out Function to set ID for each device in the TV menu.

* AUX LAN (LAN out) ID : Set a VLAN ID to be assigned to external
devices connected to the LAN out port.
(a AUX LAN is used for assigning a VLAN ID)
* VLAN ID : Create separate Virtual LAN group with ID (tagging).

Hospitality Features


EzManager provides convenient installation function that helps to set up Pro:Centric TV settings automatically without extra effort of configuration. Auto-installation requires 1~3 minutes while manual installation requires 3~5 minutes.

Hospitality Features

MPI Protocol

LG Protocal through MPI (RJ12) allows communication between TV and SI interface box, eventually giving smart service and more contents to Hotel guests.

* MPI : Multiple Protocol Interface

Hospitality Features

Instant On

The high speed loading system enables users to enjoy content immediately after turning on the TV.

Hospitality Features

External Speaker Out

Enhance the entertainment experience by adding an additional speaker. Guests listen to and control the TV audio from anywhere in the business areas, including restrooms.

Hospitality Features

Multi IR

Multi IR function eliminates the remote control signal interference between TVs in multiple dwelling beds. This system will work using the same LG TV model.

Hospitality Features

Commercial Swivel Stand

Expand the rage of comfort for the guests with a commercial grade stand by allowing them to watch a TV from any angle.

* 55, 49 inch only

Hospitality Features


Prevent any illegal copying of content by the widely used DRM (Digital Right Management).

Additional Information


– Inch: 65″
– Backlight Type: LED (Edge)
– Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD)

– Digital ATSC
– Analog NTSC

Picture Mode
9 Modes – Vivid / Standard / APS / Cinema / Sports / Game / Technicolor Expert / Expert (Bright Room) / Expert (Dark Room)

Aspect Ratio
5 modes – 16:9 / Original / 4:3 / Vertical Zoom / All-Direction Zoom
HDR: HDR 10 / Dolby Vision

Audio Output / Speaker System: 20W + 20W / 2.2ch
Sound Mode: 6 modes Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice III, Sports, Music, Game



Screen Resolution

4K Ultra HD

Television Features

Bluetooth, Smart TV, WebOS

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