Pioneer DEX-P99RS Reference Series In-Dash CD Receiver

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Pioneer DEX-P99RS Reference Series In Dash CD Receiver

  • Dual L/R Independent 31-Band Equalizers
  • L/R Independent 4-Way Crossovers with Slope Setting
  • Auto EQ and Auto Time Alignment

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Product Description

Pioneer DEX-P99RS Stage 4 Reference Series In-Dash CD Receiver

The Pioneer DEX-P99S has the The Heart of a Champion. Every year, Pioneer gathers its top installers to compete in its revered Sound Build-off. In 2010, the Pioneer DEX-P99RS was selected as the in-dash receiver of choice for the competition.

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS proves that the key to a reference-quality headunit should be simple: it has to reproduce the original source material authentically and naturally. In addition, it must provide powerful digital tools to allow the installer to setup and tune the system. Pioneer has a long heritage of award-winning sound quality headunits, starting almost 2 decades ago with the ODR (Optical Digital Reference) system. The Pioneer DEX-P99RS is the grandchild of that system, featuring complex technologies and utmost sound purity that shatter your expectations. It truly must be “heard” to be believed.

L/R Independent 31-Band Digital Equalizer

Precisely control the in-cabin acoustics with the built-in 31-band Digital Equalizer. Unparalleled flexibility is provided through either Left/Right independent setup, or for easier setup L/R common is available. Adjusts with 1/3 octave step from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and there are 5 custom memories to allow multiple setups.

Auto Time Alignment and Auto EQ

Time alignment automatically estimates the delay from each speaker to driver’s position and adjusts speaker sound output timing accordingly by 1/4 inch differences, so that sound from all speakers reaches the driver’s ears in perfect sync.

Auto EQ tailors specific musical characteristics according to taste, uses a microphone to monitor and analyze acoustics, then automatically fine-tunes all frequency bandwidths and front and rear speaker digital parametric equalization. These entire processes occur in 543 seamless steps in just about 5 minutes.

32-Bit Binary Floating-Point DSP

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS incorporates 32-Bit Binary Floating-Point DSP for high-precision and highspeed sound processing. The unique use of 32-bit “floating point” DSP offers significantly higher accuracy, especially a high frequencies and low signal levels. This new DSP is five times faster than the equivalent DSP used in the DEH-P800PRS or DEH-P880PRS models.

Copper-Plated Chassis

The Copper-plated chassis of the DEX-P99RS eliminates magnetic induction noise.

L/R Symmetric PCB

The entire circuit board is painstakingly designed for utmost sound quality. Circuit trace path lengths are equalized and kept as short as possible, and components are carefully laid out and shielded to prevent RF noise or interference.

Custom-Made Capacitor

When you name something “Reference Standard”, then off-the-shelf components just will not do. Pioneer has sourced custom-made audiophile grade capacitors and other components to ensure the highest quality.

Digital Direct of iPod Music

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS features a high-end first: a direct digital bit pipe from the iPod/iPhone to the DSP and DAC. What does this mean? For the first time, you can use an iPod as source material, without sacrificing sound quality.

The key is using Apple Lossless (ALAC) to “rip” all of your music. The result is identical to the same output from an audio CD – but you can store your entire music library on the iPod, instead of just a single album!

L/R Independent High Volt Volume Circuit

When you are talking high-end audio, one is never enough. The Pioneer DEX-P99RS features a custom-made electric volume driven by a dual-sided power supply (rarely found in regular headunits), which provides overwhelming dynamic range and high S/N (Signal-to-Noise) ratio.

New High-Precision Sound Master Clock Circuitry

The latest integrated circuits require superior clock signal quality to handle digital data accurately without distortion at ever-higher speeds. Imagine the old film projectors from school – if the timing was off , the image and sound was distorted. The same thing can happen with digital sound, thus the importance of the sound master clock.

Inherited from ODR technology, this is the first use in a regular headunit. The Sound Master Clock Circuitry generates clock waveforms to read and process digital signals with ultra-precision, and eliminate jitter noise in transmission. The result is faithful playback of the original source

Linear Technology’s High Performance, High-Slew Rate OP Amp

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS features this Linear Technology Corporation amplifier used in high-end home audio for its precise gain and sound linearity characteristics.

24-Bit AKM DACs

• Offers S/N ratio as high as 120 dB and high durability to jitter.
• Used for high, mid, low and SW channel (1 each).
• Give superior dynamic range and quietness.

Additional Information

Weight 0.00 kg
CD-R/RW Compatible


MP3/WMA/WAV Playback


iTunes AAC Playback


Disc List


CD Text


Supertuner IIID


XM Satellite Radio

GEX-P920XM required

SIRIUS Satellite Radio

CD-SB10 required (also requires SC-C1 SiriusConnect Universal Tuner sold separately)

HD Radio

GEX-P20HD required


24 Stations/6 Presets

BSM (Best Station Memory)


RCA Preouts

4 (5V)



D/A Converter

AKM 24-bit

Exclusive Audio Parts


Auto EQ


Time Alignment


Equalizer Independent (L/R)

31-Band Graphic

Crossover Network


Advanced Sound Retriever


Subwoofer Control




Listening Position Selector



CD-BTB200 adapter required

Direct Control for iPod/iPhone

CD-IU51 cable required

Link Play for iPod


App Mode

Pandora Radio App Compatible

USB Port


AUX Input


Music Browser



Color Customization

125 Colors



Display Off Mode


Dimmer Control


Multi-Language Display


Voltage Display


Spectrum Analyzer


Level Indicator


Volume Control


Wired Remote Input


Remote Control


Anti-Dust Design


Flap Face


Detachable Face Security


Car/Marine Receiver Type

Single Din

Car/Marine Receiver Features

Bluetooth, CD/DVD Player, Sirius XM, Smartphone Compatible

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