Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System

Brand: Pioneer
Model Number: TS-D65C
UPC: 884938374422
Model Number: TS-D65C
UPC: 884938374422
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Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System

  • frequency range: 32-49,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 84 dB
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • grilles included
Order Now - Ships in Approximately 10-14 Days

Product Description

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Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System

Are you tired of the lackluster sound quality from your car speakers? Do you crave a listening experience that truly immerses you in your favorite music? Look no further than the Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System. This cutting-edge speaker system is the result of Pioneer’s extensive experience and expertise in automotive loudspeaker engineering. By combining advanced design techniques with highly developed manufacturing capabilities, Pioneer has crafted a speaker system that delivers outstanding performance and superior audio quality.

OPEN & SMOOTH Sound Concept: Your Ticket to Sonic Bliss

Pioneer’s D series of automotive loudspeakers is built on the foundation of their OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept. This concept aims to provide a broad and balanced frequency response, creating a wide sound stage and delivering amazing fidelity to the listener. With the TS-D65C Component Speaker System, you can expect a sonic experience that is both rich and immersive, bringing your music to life like never before.

26mm Polyester Soft Dome Tweeter: High-Frequency Excellence

The TS-D65C features a 26mm polyester soft dome tweeter that pushes the boundaries of high-frequency performance. Crafted from lightweight, resin-impregnated fibers of coated polyester fabric, this tweeter is designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the automotive interior, including temperature variations, humidity, and vibration. Its uniform hemispherical shape ensures minimal dome breakup, resulting in extremely low distortion levels and a smooth, natural sound that will captivate your ears.

Aramid Fiber Interlaced Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone: Power and Precision Combined

To deliver powerful bass and natural, detailed sound reproduction, the TS-D65C utilizes an Aramid fiber interlaced injection molded polypropylene (IMPP) cone. While polypropylene cones offer good sensitivity and low distortion, they lack the rigidity and strength necessary for high-output and deep bass performance. Pioneer’s engineers have ingeniously blended aramid fibers into the polypropylene resin during the injection molding process. The result is an ultra-thin, low mass cone that exhibits exceptional rigidity and superior strength, providing you with deep, powerful bass that adds depth and impact to your music.

Compact Swivel Tweeter with Tri-Position Mounting Kit: Optimal Sound Placement

When it comes to speaker systems, the positioning and mounting of the tweeter play a vital role in creating an immersive stereo image and an overall exceptional listening experience. Pioneer understands this importance and has designed the D component system tweeters to be extremely compact, offering precise aiming of high frequencies. The unique swivel mount allows you to direct the sound exactly where you want it, ensuring optimal sound placement and a truly personalized audio experience. Additionally, Pioneer includes a tri-position mounting kit that provides you with the flexibility to mount the tweeters using various methods, such as flush mount, surface mount, or bracket mount. This versatility is particularly valuable when concealing the tweeter behind an original equipment tweeter grille in your vehicle’s dash or door.

In-Car Simulator: Hear the Pioneer Difference

Curious about how your car’s sound system would sound with Pioneer audio upgrades? Pioneer’s CarSoundFit app allows you to experience a car sound simulator on your smartphone. Immerse yourself in the sound quality that Pioneer can offer for your vehicle, and hear the remarkable difference between your original car speakers and Pioneer’s top-notch audio upgrades. For a virtual listening demonstration of the TS-D65C and many other Pioneer car speakers, simply download the free Pioneer CarSoundFit app.

Step up to Pioneer Components: Elevate Your Sound Experience

There’s no better time than now to step up to new speakers, and the Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System is the perfect choice. These speakers deliver superior Pioneer quality at a competitive price point. Designed to provide a smooth and open sound that surpasses your factory speakers, the TS-D65C component speaker system ensures low distortion and unfailing performance, even under the harsh conditions of living in your car doors.

Sweet Highs and Hearty Lows: Unleash the Power of Your Music

Pioneer knows that great music is all about the details. The TS-D65C features a polypropylene woofer cone interlaced with strong aramid fibers, making it not only durable but also incredibly responsive. The combination of the interlaced cone and the coated textile dome tweeter ensures a crisp, musical detail that will leave you in awe. With these speakers, you can expect a new level of impact and soundstage across your dash, bringing your favorite tunes to life like never before. For an even more exhilarating experience, pair these speakers with an aftermarket amplifier to unlock their full potential.

Fine-Tuning: Perfectly Placed Tweeters for Optimal Playback

To achieve vivid and precise playback, tweeter placement is crucial. Pioneer understands this importance and includes a unique swivel mount with the TS-D65C component system. This swivel mount allows you to precisely aim your music’s high frequencies, ensuring an immersive listening experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you choose to flush-mount, surface-mount, or bracket-mount your tweeters, Pioneer provides the necessary hardware to give you more options for installing your speakers. Experience audio that’s perfectly tuned to your ears, bringing your favorite songs to life in breathtaking detail.

Product Highlights:

  • Component speaker system includes two woofers and two tweeters
  • 6-1/2″ injection-molded polypropylene woofer cone interlaced with aramid fibers
  • 1″ polyester soft dome tweeter with inline crossover
  • Handles up to 90 watts RMS (270 watts peak power)
  • Frequency range: 32-49,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 84 dB
  • Woofer top-mount depth: 2-5/8″
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Grilles included

Unleash the Power of Your Car Audio

Elevate your car audio experience to new heights with the Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System. Pioneer’s expertise in automotive loudspeaker engineering shines through in this exceptional speaker system. From the advanced design techniques to the highly developed manufacturing capabilities, every detail has been carefully crafted to deliver outstanding performance and superior audio quality. Immerse yourself in a wide sound stage with excellent fidelity, thanks to Pioneer’s OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept. Enjoy the crisp highs, deep lows, and powerful bass produced by the combination of the 26mm polyester soft dome tweeter and the aramid fiber interlaced injection molded polypropylene (IMPP) cone. With the flexibility of the compact swivel tweeter and the tri-position mounting kit, you can achieve optimal sound placement to create an immersive listening experience tailored to your preferences. Step up to Pioneer components and unlock the full potential of your car audio system. It’s time to unleash the power of your music.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can the Pioneer TS-D65C speaker system be installed in any car? Absolutely! The Pioneer TS-D65C component speaker system is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Its versatile mounting options and compact swivel tweeter ensure flexibility in installation, allowing you to enjoy superior audio quality in your car.

2. Are these speakers easy to install? Yes, Pioneer has designed the TS-D65C with ease of installation in mind. The included tri-position mounting kit and clear instructions make the installation process straightforward, even for those with limited experience in car audio installations. However, if you’re unsure or prefer professional installation, it’s always best to consult a qualified car audio technician.

3. Can I use these speakers with my factory stereo system? Absolutely! The Pioneer TS-D65C can be used with both aftermarket and factory stereo systems. Its high sensitivity and power-handling capabilities ensure compatibility with a variety of audio setups, allowing you to enjoy enhanced sound quality regardless of your current audio system.

4. Do I need an amplifier to power these speakers? While the TS-D65C can be powered by a factory stereo system, adding an aftermarket amplifier will significantly enhance their performance. An amplifier provides increased power and control, allowing the speakers to reach their full potential and deliver an even more immersive audio experience.

5. Are grilles included with the Pioneer TS-D65C speaker system? Yes, the Pioneer TS-D65C component speaker system comes with grilles included. These grilles not only protect the speakers but also provide a clean and stylish look once installed in your vehicle.

Brand Pioneer   Model Pioneer TS-D65C
Product: Pioneer TS-D65C D Series 6.5" Component Speaker System

Speaker Size: 6 1/2
Design: 2-way
Tweeter Design: 1" Dome
Impedance (Ohms): 4
Tweeter Composition: Polyester
Woofer Composition: IMPP with Aramid Fiber
Woofer Surround: Rubber
Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter): 84
Frequency Response: 32 – 49k Hz
Maximum RMS Wattage: 90
Peak Power Handling (Watts): 270
Top-mount Depth (Inches): 2 5/8
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches): 5 1/2
Mounting Height (Inches): 0.227

What's in the box

(2) woofers
(2) tweeters (with attached 4" speaker leads terminated with quick-connects)
2 Lengths of speaker wire
(2) Woofer grilles
(2) Flush mount tweeter housings (with tweeters installed)
(2) Factory tweeter mount brackets
(4) 1/2" Screws

Speaker Design

2-Way, Component Systems

Speaker Sensitivity

81 – 85 db

Speaker Size


Tweeter Size

Larger than 1"


4 Ω

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