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Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck Vinyl Record Stabilizing Weight

Brand: Pro-Ject
Model Number: PJ07689075
UPC: 9120007689075
Model Number: PJ07689075
UPC: 9120007689075

Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck Vinyl Record Stabilizing Weight

  • Helps with optimum playback of warped records
  • Can be used on any turntable
  • Reduces unwanted vibrations
  • Supplied in a wooden box
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Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck Vinyl Record Stabilizing Weight

This heavy Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck ensures a firm fit between the record and the platter surface. Record pucks use weight to secure a playing vinyl record against the turntable platter. By holding the two together, the sound performance of the turntable will improve, in timing and depth of sound. Pro-Ject recommends using heavy weight clamps on RPM, Signature & Xtension series turntables. The alternative way to achieve this effect on smaller turntables is our record clamp Clamp it.

Extra weight on the spindle helps to hold records in place more effectively than the weight of the records alone. Making it easier for the stylus to track the grooves accurately and produce a more detailed, more lively sound. Though the Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck can be on any turntable with a non-threaded spindle, we recommend it only for use on turntables with high-quality bearing.

Heavy-weight champion

The Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck is a heavy (750g) brass weight that will hold records firmly in place, with a felt base designed to be gentle on delicate record labels. It’s an ideal companion piece for those wanting to have better transfer of energy from the spinning record to the tonearm.

Held to the Highest Standards

All Pro-Ject Audio Systems products go under the highest possible level of quality control. Every single product runs through a four-hour testing procedure wherein the mechanical and electrical performances, as well as the sound characteristics. Only when the product satisfies our expert test team may it leave our factory. Products from Pro-Ject Audio Systems are expertly engineered precision instruments, which can get damaged when wrongly used or transported. Packaging is a part of the product. Please handle packaging and all accessories with care and store them away safely for future use. This is no exception for the Pro-Ject PJ07689075 RECORD-PUCK Vinyl Record Stablising Weight.

Product: Pro-Ject PJ07689075 Record Puck Vinyl Record Stabilizing Weight

– Material: Brass
– Weight: 800g
– Diameter: 780mm
– Height: 260mm

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Pro-Ject Canada 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


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