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Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III Phono Bluetooth HG SB Turntable – Black

Brand: Pro-Ject
Model Number: PJ97826794
UPC: 9120097826794
Model Number: PJ97826794
UPC: 9120097826794

Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III Phono Bluetooth HG SB Turntable – Black

  • High-quality MDF chassis available in high-gloss black & white
  • Semi-symmetrical phono cable with metal plug
  • Gold-plated cinch / RCA sockets
  • Dust cover & felt mat included





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Product Description

Features & Specifications



Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III Phono Bluetooth HG SB Turntable – Black

The Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III, a quietly running AC motor with a two-stage pulley drives the sub-platter that carries the platter via a polished flat belt. The chassis made of compacted wood fibers stands on four feet that function as shock absorbers. Also a resilient four-point suspension of the engine in the chassis prevents the transmission of vibrations.

The platter is a sandwich construction consisting of the sub-platter, a 1.3 kg plate made of sheet steel and a felt mat on the Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III. A barrel made of brass forms the platter bearing, in which a chrome-plated stainless steel axis with a high accuracy of fit runs on a polished steel ball. External power supply unit for protection against mechanical and also electromagnetic interference.

Delivery with mounted and adjusted Ortofon OM5e MM cartridge on the Pro-Ject PJ97826794. No mix of materials: The tonearm tube and the mount for the tonearm bearings is aluminum. Lastly, The headshell and tonearm tube, made from one piece and not damped.

Two hardened stainless steel tips stored in sapphires form the inverted horizontal tonearm bearings. The flexible mounting of the counterweight effectively prevents unwanted tonearm resonances. Also the Counterweights: Supplied for cartridges weighing 3 – 5.5g, optional accessories for cartridges weighing 1.5 – 3g and 6 – 9g.

The tonearm tube can rotate after loosening a screw on the Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III. This makes a horizontal (azimuth) adjustment of the pickup possible despite the fixed headshell. “The straight tonearm with a length of 8.6 inches (218.5mm) results in a small tracking error. Lastly, The high-quality wiring from the headshell to the connection cable consists of highly flexible braid made of pure copper. 8 6″ one-piece low resonance aluminum tonearm, Pre-adjusted Ortofon OM5e cartridge, and Connect with any BT turntable. Also Built-in phono stage for a wired connection to your amplifier.

Product: Pro-Ject PJ97826794 Debut III Phono Bluetooth HG SB Turntable - Black

– Speed: 33, 45/(78) (electronic speed change)
– Drive principle: belt drive with electronic speed control
– Platter: 300mm, 1.7kg heavy steel platter with felt mat
– Platter bearing: high precision stainless steel axle in bronze bushing
– Wow & flutter: 33: +/-0.19%; 45: +/-.,17%
– Speed drift: 33: +/-0.7%; 45: +/-0.6%
– Signal to noise: 68dB
– Tonearm: 8.6" one-piece carbon tonearm
– Effective arm length: 218.5 mm
– Overhang: 18.5mm
– Power consumption: 4W / 0W standby


– Dimensions (WxHxD): 415x118x320mm
– Weight: 12.13 pounds



Turntable Features

Bluetooth, Cartridge Included, Phono Preamp Built-in

Turntable Operation


Turntable Speed

33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM

Turntable Type

Belt Driven

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Pro-Ject Canada 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


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