PSB Imagine X1T Series 5.1 Speaker Bundle #1 – Black Ash

Brand: PSB
Model Number: 246657
Model Number: 246657
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Special Order – Limited Quantities – Items may ship separately – Call to Inquire

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PSB Imagine X1T Series 5.1 Speaker Bundle #1 – Black Ash

This Bundle includes:
(1) PSB Imagine X1T Floor Standing Speaker – Black Ash – Pair
(1) PSB Imagine XB Bookshelf Speakers – Black Ash – Pair
(1) PSB Imagine XC Center Channel Speaker – Black Ash
(1) PSB Alpha S10 150W Powered Subwoofer

PSB Imagine X1T Floor Standing Speakers – Black Ash – Pair

The PSB Imagine X1T Speakers are Priced and Sold as a Pair

A deceptively thin and discreet floor standing speaker, the Imagine X1T has wide bandwidth and high SPL output capabilities that defy its small size. A seamless blend of design and hifi performance, the X1T is able to meet the demands of your multi-channel, or stereo setup. Capable, energetic and attractively priced, these speakers pack a mighty punch.



The Imagine X1T Tower is a dual-woofer transitional two-and-a-half way speaker with identical 5¼” (133mm) woofers that work together at the lowest frequencies but crossover at different frequencies to integrate better with room acoustics and give the best dispersion and power response. Imagine X models are all carefully matched in timbre, giving you the freedom to combine any of the models to work together in a variety of different rooms and system setups.


Like all woofers in the Imagine range, the cone materials have been carefully engineered for optimal control, allowing for a simpler, more cost effective crossover design. Tonal, spatial and dynamic accuracy are at the forefront of this speakers design which includes the Imagine one-inch titanium dome tweeter. The X1T fills the room with a refined mix of high and low frequencies that blend beautifully together.


Placement throughout the home is effortless thanks to the smart, minimalist design of these speakers and their small footprint. As the smallest floorstanders in the Imagine line up, the X1T’s can be easily incorporated into your space. Their modest size combined with a handsome cabinet design will suit any room and compliment many different system setups without any added clutter.


PSB Imagine XB Bookshelf Speakers – Black Ash – Pair

The PSB Imagine XB Speakers are Priced and Sold as a Pair.

Ideal for smaller rooms or in combination with a powered subwoofer for a compact full-range system, Imagine XB bookshelf speakers are proof that good things do come in small packages. Used as the foundation of a great starter system or in combination with a more powerful receiver and subwoofer, the Imagine XBs will bring you excellent hifi sound, and an affordable price.



The Imagine XBs bring a new level of performance to their price range while borrowing many design innovations from our multiple award-winning Imagine models. This two-way speaker system features a 5¼” (133mm) woofer and a 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter, and the critically tuned cabinet employs a rear-facing port for high sensitivity and extended bass response.


Perfectly matched timbre with the X1T and X2T towers make the XB a great choice for surround channels in home theatre system setups. While the Imagine XB is small in stature, it is more than capable of filling a room with beautifully detailed acoustics. Voices and instrumentals are delivered with clarity and evenness that seem closer to live music.


The Imagine XB is compact and affordable with a simplified yet attractive cabinet design. Like the other models in the Imagine X line, these bookshelf speakers will fit into any room in your home with ease. The minimalist black cabinet design allows it to blend well into the home and your system setup, and the yellow cone of its woofer emphasizes its front baffle while providing some added flair.

PSB Imagine XC Center Channel Speaker – Black Ash

The Imagine XC is a centre channel speaker engineered to maximize performance in multi-channel systems. Just as any theatrical presentation uses the centre channel as its anchor, the Imagine XC is the centre of the Imagine X series. For hifi theatre enthusiasts who are searching for an incredibly precise centre channel speaker, but need an affordable solution, consider the Imagine XC.


Featuring a dual-woofer horizontal format with a pair of 5¼” (133mm) woofers, the Imagine XC is designed for optimal performance when paired with other components in your setup. PSB has matched the Imagine XC carefully in timbre with the other Imagine X models for the best versatility when setting up your home theatre system.


Even the most demanding audiophile will appreciate the rich and detailed cinematic sound that flows from this speaker. Thanks to PSB’s expert approach to the design of the Imagine XC, music and movie sound effects have an added layer of authenticity. With the ability to bring out the musical essence of everything you choose to play, the XC is a welcome addition to your system setup.


Just like the other models in the Imagine X range, the XC boasts a simplified and attractive black cabinet design, and can easily be incorporated into any room in your home with ease. The minimalist design of this centre channel speaker allows it to blend well into your system setup and it will also look at home next to modern flat profile TVs.

PSB Alpha S10 150W Compact Subwoofer

The Alpha S10 is in the sweet spot between where high value coexists with legendary PSB performance. Employing a specially developed long throw 10” polypropylene woofer and powerful magnet assembly, it is matched to a highly efficient 150W Power Amplifier, and placed in a well-engineered enclosure that is carefully tuned for deep, crisp bass response all the way down to an earth shaking 22Hz. The Alpha S10 is a vented, or ported, design that takes advantage of the woofers back wave to extend bass response and power output. Unusual at this low price point is the inclusion of powerful Digital Signal Processing that allows for a level of optimization that is not otherwise possible. The high output levels and low distortion are a direct result of PSBs expertise in this area of signal processing. The included electronic crossover is another important element in integrating the Alpha S10 to your room and satellite speakers, and we include a full featured crossover with variable crossover frequency (50 – 150Hz) and a simple 180 degree phase reversal switch.

PSB Alpha S10



PSB has been making critically-acclaimed speakers for more than 45 years and are especially famous for speakers that deliver high bang for the buck. The Alpha S10 will astound with adding lifelike realism for both music and movies to PSB speakers or any high performance speaker.


The Alpha S10 boasts a specialized long-throw 10” driver and efficient bass reflex enclosure for remarkable bass.The built-in high efficiency digital amplifier delivers 210W of dynamic power for unconstrained deep-bass peaks and musical accuracy. Then to go one step further, the Alpha S10 utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) to allow PSB’s engineering team to maximize all aspects of performance to deliver the flattest frequency response and powerful bass extension.


The rear-ported cabinet has an ultra-small footprint that can be sited most anywhere in the room. On the rear panel are Volume and Crossover Controls, Phase Switch, Low Level Input, AutoOn/Standby Switch, Gold-plated RCAs, USB Power Jack for RT100 wireless accessory, Supplied rubber bumpers and spikes allow for installation on hardwood or carpeted floors.


The subwoofer is a fairly recent entrant to the typical home entertainment system, and we see the concept popping up in even low-price desktop systems. The idea of having a separate bass speaker was first encountered in cinemas and public address systems where a lot of audio power was needed to fill the theater or stadium. Since the sound wavelengths are so long at these low frequencies (3 to 9 meters) using a single mono subwoofer will not disturb the stereo image. However, the question remains: do you need a subwoofer and what are the needs and benefits? Subs are typically specified for systems where large full range speakers are not practical, or for large open rooms, or where very high SPLs are desired. Placing small speakers where they create the most lifelike stereo image is often at odds with the location that gives the most even and powerful bass response. The ‘sub/sat’ system is the answer for this dilemma, by allowing the sub to be placed for best bass response, and the satellite speakers to be placed for best imaging. Another great use for subwoofers is when speakers need to be hidden and must be both small and unobtrusive. To have the correct sound balance a subwoofer is called for. And probably the most common use is in the home cinema, where realistic special effects demand the power of a subwoofer. Dolby found subwoofers to be an essential element of home theater sound and even created a special ‘Low Frequency Effects’ channel specifically for a subwoofer. The other hidden benefit of the subwoofer is that it removes the burden of bass output from the satellite speaker. This allows the speaker to play louder and with far less distortion. Since most subwoofers today are powered, they also add considerable power to the overall system performance.


First designed and manufactured in a small Canadian town in 1991, the Alpha Series started with the simple idea of creating affordable speakers that were focused purely on performance. With passion and dedication in pursuit of a natural sounding speaker, and by leveraging decades of research conducted at the Canadian National Research Council by PSB’s founder, Paul Barton, the Alphas quickly rose to be one of the world’s most iconic speakers and are still the reference benchmark for entry-level hi-fi speakers today. The newly designed Alphas look to continue their legacy by staying true to the original concept from the ’70s and combining it with today’s latest cutting-edge technologies. Powerful and smooth, the all-new Alpha Series has been rebuilt with enhanced custom drivers and a new crossover design that works perfectly together to deliver natural, detailed sound with precision and less distortion. In a home theatre or stereo setup, the new Alphas outperform the originals in every measurement and will bring your music and movies to life.

Brand PSB   Model PSB 246657
Model: PSB 246657
Product: PSB Imagine X1T Series 5.1 Speaker Bundle #1 – Black Ash
X1T Floor Standing Speakers

– Enclosure: Bass Reflex
– Finish: MDF/Wood-grain
– Color: Black
– Tweeter: Hard-Dome
– Tweeter Size (inches): 1
– Midrange Size (inches): N/A
– Woofer Size (inches): 5.25
– Woofer Composition: Clay/Ceramic/Poly
– Woofer Surround: Rubber
– Built-in Powered Sub: No
– Dolby Atmos Drivers: No
– Video-Shielded: No
– Connector Type: 5-way post
– Bi-amp Inputs: Yes
– Power Range: 20-200
– Frequency Response: 35-23k Hz
– Sensitivity: 90 dB
– Impedance (Ohms): 8
– Height (inches): 34-1/2
– Width (inches): 8-1/4
– Depth (inches): 14-7/8
– Weight: 38 lbs

XB Bookshelf Speakers

– Enclosure: Bass Reflex
– Finish: MDF/Wood-grain
– Color: Black
– Video Shielded: No
– Tweeter Type: Hard-Dome
– Tweeter Size (inches): 1
– Midrange Size (inches): N/A
– Woofer Size (inches): 5.25
– Woofer Composition: Clay/Ceramic/Poly
– Woofer Surround: Rubber
– Power Range: 20-150
– Sensitivity: 89 dB
– Impedance (Ohms): 8
– Frequency Response: 55-23k Hz
– Connector Type: 5-way post
– Bi-amp Inputs: No
– Height (inches): 11-7/8
– Width (inches): 6-11/16
– Depth (inches): 10-3/4
– Weight (pounds): 12.3
– Mounting Bracket Included: No
– Recommended Stand Height (inches): 24-26

XC Center Channel Speaker

Frequency Response
– On Axis @ 0° ±3dB : 50 – 23,000Hz
– On Axis @ 0° ±1 1/2dB : 65 – 20,000Hz
– Off Axis @ 30° ±1 1/2dB : 65 – 10,000Hz
– LF Cutoff -10dB : 45Hz
– Anechoic Chamber : 88dB
– Listening Room : 90dB
Input Power
– Recommended : 20 – 150 Watts
– Program : 150 Watts
Acoustic Design
– Tweeter (Nominal) : 1″ (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid / Neodymium Magnet
– Woofer (Nominal) : 2 x 5 1/4″ (133mm) Injection Moulded Clay/Ceramic reinforced / Polypropylene Cone / Rubber Surround / Dual Magnet
– Crossover : 1,800Hz, LR4
– Internal Volume : 0.58 cu ft (16.4L)
– Design Type : Bass Reflex Rear Port

Alpha S10 Subwoofer

– Enclosure: Bass Reflex
– Video Shielded: No
– Woofer Size (inches): 10
– Woofer Composition: Polypropylene
– Firing Direction: Front
– Wireless: No
– Preamp-Level Inputs: Yes
– Speaker-Level Inputs: No
– Speaker-Level Outputs: No
– Low-Pass Crossover Freq: 50-150Hz
– High-Pass Crossover Freq: None
– Phase Switch: Yes
– Amplifier Output (watts): 150
– Frequency Response: 28-150 Hz
– Height (inches): 14-1/16
– Width (inches): 14-1/16
– Depth (inches): 18-9/16
– Weight: 30 lbs

Bundle - Includes

Bookshelf Speaker, Center Channel Speaker, Floor Standing Speaker, Subwoofer


Black Ash

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