Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12-BUNDLE 12″ Loaded Enclosure | P1000X1BD Mono Amplifier | RFK4X Installation Kit

Brand: Rockford Fosgate
Model Number: P2-2X12-BUNDLE
Model Number: P2-2X12-BUNDLE
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Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12-BUNDLE 12″ Loaded Enclosure | P1000X1BD Mono Amplifier | RFK4X Installation Kit

This Bundle Includes:

(1) Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12 Punch Dual P2 12″ Loaded Enclosure
(1) Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BD Punch 1,000 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
(1) Rockford Fosgate RFK4X 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Installation Kit

Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12 Punch Dual P2 12″ Loaded Enclosure

The P2-2X12 is a dual P2 12” vented enclosure with 800 Watts RMS power handling wired to a 1-Ohm load. The enclosure is constructed with 5/8” MDF, covered in high density carpet, and features quick release compression terminals.

The most convenient way to get low frequency bass in your system is to drop-in a Punch Loaded enclosure. We’re not talking junk in the trunk, we’re talking the same genuine Punch woofers available seperately. Punch Loaded enclosures are constructed with durable 5/8″ MDF and tuned by our computer aided design software. P2 Loaded Enclosures feature similar tonal performance as P1 models, but with more power handling capacity.

Bulletproof bass

Two Punch P2 12″ subs are housed in the enclosure, each with a paper cone reinforced with Kevlar fibres and supported by a rubber surround. These subs can handle up to 400 watts RMS each thanks to their heavy-duty motor assemblies and advanced cooling vents. Because the subs are internally wired for a 1-ohm total impedance, make sure your amplifier is capable of safely powering this enclosure.

Advanced port design

This enclosure’s rugged 5/8″ medium-density fiberboard construction ensures that it can withstand the weight of fat, heavy bass. Industrial-grade black carpet gives your trunk a polished appearance and protects it from nicks and scratches. Bare wire, pin connectors, and banana plugs can all be used with the spring terminals. This enclosure features an advanced port design that allows for more air movement while reducing port noise, resulting in louder, deeper bass. Feel the thick low end this enclosure adds to your ride by adding an amp and some wiring.

P2-2X12 Features

  • Proprietary high-flow, low-noise port
  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • High current binding posts

Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BD Punch 1,000 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

With its super efficient Class-BD circuit topology, the Rockford Fosgate P1000X1bd assures maximum BOOM for your buck! Due to its dedicated low frequency response, this amplifier is optimized for mid-bass speakers or subwoofers only. No need to worry because its 1-ohm capability will drive a pair of 4-ohm DVC subwoofers or quad-configuration of 2-ohm DVC subwoofers with ease.

Big power for your sub or sub system

Rockford Fosgate’s Punch P1000X1bd subwoofer amp can produce up to 1000 watts RMS, giving you plenty of clean power for your rhythm track. The Rockford Fosgate P1000X1bd can drive a 1-ohm load, so you can power multiple subs without any trouble. A low-pass filter keeps the high notes away from your sub, while a subsonic filter helps you rein in runaway boom. The Punch bass boost lets you add some of that boom back into the mix when it’s needed.

Easy to set for optimum performance

Once again, Rockford Fosgate steps away from the crowd with their C.L.E.A.N. technology (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise) — a setup system that ensures your music will sound as clean and powerful as possible. It works like this: play the setup tone on the included test CD, adjust the receiver volume until a red clip light on the amp goes out, then turn the amp gain up until a blue light comes on. It’s that simple — your amplifier is now set to match your receiver’s output. When your receiver reaches maximum clean volume, you’ll get maximum clean power from your Punch amp. At quiet listening levels, you’ll hear less background noise and more of your music.

Keeps an eye on things while playing

If that blue light turns solid red while you’re playing music, the amp’s telling you that your source is distorting and you should turn it down, or risk damage to your gear. The optional PLC2 remote level control also doubles as a clip indicator, so you can see from the front seat if your music’s clipping. The amp’s built-in computer keeps tabs on the output current, ensuring that plunging speaker impedances (they change during play) or even a short circuit won’t hurt anything.

Maintaining coolness raises efficiency and lowers distortion

Rockford Fosgate’s Dynamic Thermal Management system uses forced air to dissipate heat evenly across the amp and out through the high-mass heatsink, efficiently drawing heat away from vital internal parts. Their proprietary MEHSA cooling process maximizes the heat transfer from the MOSFET devices to the heatsink, allowing the heat to escape more readily, so the transistors stay cooler and work better.

Available Wiring Diagrams

Please consult your amplifier owner’s manual for lowest recommended impedance.

Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BDRockford Fosgate P1000X1BDRockford Fosgate P1000X1BDRockford Fosgate P1000X1BD

Rockford Fosgate RFK4X 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Installation Kit

4 gauge complete power, ground and signal installation kit for a 2-channel amplifier.

Kit includes 17 feet of 4 AWG power wire, 3 feet of 4 AWG ground wire, 30 feet of 16 AWG speaker wire, (1) 16 feet twisted pair RCA, Maxi fuse holder and fuse, 20 feet of remote wire, 100 Amp fuse.

RFK4X Features:

  • FULL spec cable – meets or exceeds AWG (American Wire Gauge) requirements
  • Includes appropriate wire termination hardware
  • 16 AWG (1.31mm²) 65 strands
  • 4 AWG (21.1mm²) 1,862 strands
  • 100% Pure Crystal-Oxygen Free Copper (PC-OFC)


Rockford Fosgate cables conform to the CEA-2015 industry standard. The standard specifies the exact amount of copper needed to indicate a specific wire diameter or gauge size (8 AWG, 4 AWG, etc). Some manufacturers substitute thicker insulation for copper. With Rockford Fosgate, you get exactly what you pay for.

Includes Power Wire

This amplifier kit includes power wire by including necessary cable for both B(+) and GND(-) connections. Additionally, amplifier kits include remote turn-on power wire. All cables in this kit conform to the CEA-2015 AWG specification.

Includes RCA Cables

This amplifier kit includes RCA patch cables. These are the necessary cables used to transfer low-level signal from the source unit to the amplifier, typically located in the rear of the vehicle.

Includes Speaker Wire

This amplifier kit includes speaker wire. These cables connect the amplifier to the speakers. All wires in this kit conform to the CEA-2015 AWG specification.

Includes Fused Dist.

This amplifier kit includes fused distribution. It utilizes a stand-alone fuse holder that can be installed in a convenient place under the hood.

Brand Rockford Fosgate   Model Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12-BUNDLE
Product: Rockford Fosgate P2-2X12-BUNDLE 12″ Loaded Enclosure | P1000X1BD Mono Amplifier | RFK4X Installation Kit
P2-2X12 Subwoofer

Woofer Size (inches): 12
Speakers Per Box: 2
Woofer Material: Kevlar/Paper
Enclosure Type: Vented Ported
Color: Black
Pieces in System: 1
Width (inches): 33-7/8
Height (inches): 15-1/4
Depth (inches): 16-5/8
Connector Type: Spring post
Frequency Response: 27-250 Hz
Power Range (Watts RMS): 800
Maximum Wattage: 1600
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Impedance: 1 ohms
CEA-2031 Compliant

P1000X1BD Amplifier

RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels): 300 x 1
Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels): 600 x 1
Minimum Impedance Unbridged: 1
Minimum Impedance: 1
Best Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz
THD at Rated RMS Power: 1%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB
Input Voltage: 14.4v
Amplifier Class: BD
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: 50-250 Hz
Low-Pass Slope (dB/octave): 12 dB/octave
Bass Boost: 0-18 dB
Bass Boost Frequency: 45 Hz
Fan Cooled: No
Fuse Rating: 140
Speaker Level Inputs: Yes
Preamp Outputs: 2
Width (inches): 13-3/8
Height (inches): 2-7/16
Depth (inches): 8-13/16

RFK4X Installation Kit

Battery PWR/GND Gauge: 4 AWG
Amplifier PWR/GND Gauge: 4 AWG
Fuse Type: MAXI
Speaker Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
Fuse Size: 100 Amp
Dual Amp Installation Kit: No

Car Subwoofer Size


RMS Power

401 to 800 Watts


1 Ω

Enclosure Type


Mobile Amplifier Channels

1 Channel (Mono)

Mobile Amplifier Class

Class BD

Mobile Amplifier Features

Bass Boost, Low-Pass Filter, Pre Amp Outputs, Speaker Level Inputs, Subsonic Filter

Mobile Amplifier Fuse Rating


Mobile Amplifier RMS

751 watts and Up

Mobile Min Impedance


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