TEAC AP505B Stereo Power Amplifier – Black | Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

Brand: Magnat, TEAC
Model Number: 314121
Model Number: 314121
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TEAC AP505B Stereo Power Amplifier – Black | Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

This Bundle Includes:
(1) TEAC AP505B Reference 500 Series Stereo Power Amplifier – Black
(1) Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 2 Way 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

Limited Quantities - Items may ship separately - Call to Inquire

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TEAC AP505B Stereo Power Amplifier – Black | Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

This Bundle Includes:
(1) TEAC AP505B Reference 500 Series Stereo Power Amplifier – Black
(1) Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 2 Way 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

TEAC AP505B Reference 500 Series Stereo Power Amplifier – Black

A stereo power amplifier that is incredibly small and uses Hypex Ncore technology to enable bi-amping or BTL (Bridge Tied Load/Bridged) mode A high-performance, TEAC-tuned Hypex Ncore power amplifier module contained inside a small, stylish housing, serves as the foundation of the adaptable stereo power amplifier known as the AP505B.

The AP505B may operate in stereo, bi-amp, and BTL (Bridge Tied Load/Bridged) modes, in addition to traditional stereo operation. In stereo and bi-amp modes, the AP-505 can output a maximum of 130W + 130W and 250W, respectively. Its core is a Ncore power amplifier module developed by Dutch company Hypex that has been expertly tweaked for outstanding sound quality by TEAC’s R&D team.

A sturdy steel chassis is covered by lightweight aluminum-alloy panels on the outside. When the amplifier is in use, two huge level metres offer visual interest, and three strategically placed “Pin-point” feet on the underside of the amplifier lend incision to the sound, assisting in the creation of a more stable and detailed stereo image.

NCore Audio Power Conversion

The Hypex Ncore power amplifier module used in the AP505B is high-performance and energy-efficient, producing 250W in BTL mode or 130W + 130W in stereo/bi-amp modes. The module, which has been meticulously calibrated and tweaked by our engineers after undergoing rigorous listening tests, readily drives a variety of speakers, giving anything from a pianissimo to a fortissimo and everything in between. Therefore, it accurately mimics the dynamics of real music.

Stereo, Bi-amp, And BTL Modes Are Supported

By placing a few AP505B units side by side, this little unit offers multiple speaker driving modes, Bi-amp, and BTL modes in addition to the traditional stereo mode with 130W + 130W of output power. While the BTL modes create 250W of output power in each channel, the Bi-amp mode drives the woofer and tweeter separately.

Stiffness, Stability And Elegance Provided By A Full-Metal, Small-Footprint Body

Every exterior panel, including those on the front, top, and sides is made of a sturdy steel core chassis and a high-grade aluminium alloy. This technique of construction ensures that every component inside the unit is able to operate at its peak performance by reducing the transmission of mechanical vibration. Because of its practical A4-sized footprint, the AP505B fits in seamlessly in contemporary settings where saving space is crucial, like a desktop. Contrast this with the majority of traditional bi-amp/BTL-capable power amplifiers, which are typically hefty, full-width equipment.

Full-Scale Balance

The AP505B maintains the audio signal as pure as possible as it passes through the amplifier by using a fully balanced circuit design from the input section to the output stage. This leads to extremely low distortion levels and a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio (assisted by the effective elimination of common-mode noise).

Components That Have Been Carefully Chosen And Are Only Used In Hi-Fi Applications

High-quality MUSES8820E dual op-amps are used at the input stage, where sound quality is essentially determined, for both the XLR and RCA inputs. The left and right channel rectifying circuits use four high-capacity 4700F capacitors on each channel (8 in total) in the power supply part of the input stage to achieve distinct soundstage separation between the left and right channels.
A well-designed circuit provides great signal integrity at the XLR input portion, in part due to the removal of coupling capacitors, which frequently cause audio information to be lost as a signal passes through them.

Large Toroidal Power Transformer

The AP505B’s power supply uses a large capacity toroidal-core transformer while the rectifying circuit uses Schottky barrier diodes. Schottky barrier diodes, as opposed to conventional diodes, lessen rectifier noise, resulting in a “cleaner” supply and a more steady delivery of current.

Easy Installation Thanks To ‘Pin-Point’ Feet

The AP505B uses the “Pin-Point” feet that TEAC is attempting to patent. These consist of two independent metal pieces enclosed in a single housing. One is attached to the chassis’s bottom and has a spiked top, while the other has a basin-shaped base with a flange-shaped cup that hangs down from the spiked area. The ‘Pin-Point’ feet have a special design that significantly reduces vibrations and resonance because the unit is held by just three points and has a very limited surface contact area. This arrangement improves the soundstage and enhances fine auditory clarity by reducing mid- and low-frequency muddiness.

Design Using Passive Cooling For Silent Operation

Designing an amplifier that produces a pair of speakers with outstanding sound but also produces a cooling fan that is always making noise is absurd. Our engineers were adamant from the beginning to adopt a circuit and layout that would permit adequate natural cooling, enabling the design of a small but powerful amplifier that didn’t require a cooling fan.

Dual Analogue Level Meters Indicate The Musical Tempo

The AP505B front panel’s analogue level metres move in reaction to signal levels, providing an aesthetically pleasing indication that the amplifier is functioning as intended. Users may alter the display’s intensity in four steps (bright, mid, dim off), and a switchable sensitivity (0dB, +20dB, movement off) lets them choose whether they’d like to see more, less, or even no metre movement.
Naturally, you can determine the device is on even if the lighting is out and the metre movement has been disabled by looking at the location of the power switch!


  • TEAC-tuned Hypex Ncore power amplifier module
  • Maximum output power of 130W plus 130W, or 250W in BTL/bridged mode.
  • Able to function in stereo, bi-amp, and bridged/BTL modes
  • Complete circuit balancing
  • Carefully chosen premium components created specifically for hi-fi applications
  • Large-scale Schottky barrier diodes and toroidal power transformers
  • Circuits for comprehensive protection (Surge, Over-voltage, Thermal)
  • Pin-point feet for simple installation that are still subject to patent (Japan Patent Nos. 4075477, 3778108)
  • Substantial level metres
  • Use of passive cooling to achieve silence
  • Full-metal body with an A4-sized footprint for rigidity, stability, and elegance
  • Analogue audio inputs with XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced connections (one set of each)
  • Screw-type speaker connectors with a wide pitch
  • Automatic power saving
  • RoHS compliant

Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 2 Way 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair

The series has benefitted Significantly from the Development of the new Tweeter

All of the employed drivers on the MSB102B have been finely tuned using the Klippel laser measuring system and are equipped with rugged metal baskets and extra-strong magnet drives. The woofers utilise a specially coated cellulose cone, which results in a significant reduction of partial vibrations with simultaneous weight optimisation. The aim of this measure is to perfect the precision of the reproduction of music and achieve maximum dynamics. The floor-standing speakers and the larger of the two shelf speakers feature a newly developed 1 inch dome for the treble range. The fabric dome, which is controlled via a powerful ferrite drive, ensures a balanced reproduction across the entire relevant frequency range. The newly designed tweeter flange on the MSB102B also ensures a more homogeneous treble is produced. As a result of space restrictions, the smaller shelf speaker and the center speaker in this series have been equipped with a somewhat smaller, but very high-resolution ½ inch dome.

The Level of Quality is Evident in all Components

The high-quality crossovers on the MSB102B used in this series are responsible for distributing the music signals to the corresponding drivers. These crossovers, which exhibit an octave slope of up to 18 dB as well as phase correction, perform their tasks perfectly. The housings themselves, which are gently tapered to the rear, are a real visual and technical highlight. These are manufactured from sturdy MDF and boast extremely low resonance properties. The Monitor Supreme speakers feature an attractive contrasting black baffle and are available in two high quality wood finishes (Black or Mocha). The large floor-standing models are equipped with rubber or metal spikes to prevent ground resonance. Solid, gold-plated screw terminals at the rear of the speakers ensure perfect connection to an amplifier – the only exception is the Monitor Supreme MSB102B 102 due to the restricted space available on the extremely compact shelf speaker.


  •  Solid low-resonance MDF cabinet with rounded edges on the front and rear side
  •  High-quality wood decor, black baffle
  •  Removable cloth grille on the MSB102B
  •  Tweeter with 1” silk dome, powerful ferrite drive, and new front plate for a balanced reproduction and constant radiation (2002,1002,802,202)
  •  Tweeter with 1” ultra-light mylar dome and new front plate for precise reproduction (102,252)
  •  Woofer-midrange with low-distortion, coated cellulose cone and inverse dome
  •  Very deep precise bass reproduction per reflex double bass construction (2002,1002,802,202)
  •  Airflex port with rounded reflex opening to avoid wind noise (2002,1002,802,202)
  •  12 dB crossover (tweeter 18 dB (2002,1002,802,202) with phase correction
  •  Gold-plated screw terminal
  •  Metal (2002,1002,802) – and rubber spikes included with the MSB102B
  •  CE, RoHS and REACH compliant
  •  Wall-mount option (102)
  •  Magnetically shielded (252)
Brand TEAC   Model TEAC 314121
Product: TEAC AP505B Stereo Power Amplifier - Black | Magnat MSB102B Monitor Supreme 102 4.25″ Bookshelf Speaker – Black – Pair
Amplifier - DAC



Amplifier section

Stereo, Bi-amp modes: 130W + 130W (4Ω, 1kHz, JEITA) 90W + 90W (8Ω, 1kHz, JEITA)
BTL (Bridge) mode: 250W (8Ω, 1kHz, JEITA)
Stereo, Bi-amp modes: 115W + 115W (4Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.8%) 70W + 70W (8Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.8%)
BTL (Bridge) mode: 220W (8Ω, 1kHz, THD 0.8%)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015% (8Ω, 1kHz, 12.5W, JEITA)
Signal-to-Noise ratio: 113dB (8Ω, 1kHz, IHF-A)
Frequency response: 10Hz to 50,000Hz (+0dB, –5dB, 8Ω, 1W, JEITA)
Dumping factor: 370 or higher, JEITA (20Hz to 20kHz, Output impedance: 22mΩ, 8Ω loaded)

Input section

LINE IN (Balanced)
Connector: XLR (2: HOT) × 1 pair
Input sensitivity: 1.3V (Output 8Ω, THD 1%)
Input impedance: 10kΩ or higher
LINE IN (Unbalance)
Connector: RCA Pin (gold-plated) × 1 pair
Input sensitivity: 0.66V (Output 8Ω, THD 1%)
Input impedance: 10kΩ or higher

Speaker outputs

Connector: Screw type × 1 set (gold-plated, AWG8 and Banana-plug compatible)
Compatible speaker impedance
Stereo, Bi-amp modes: 4Ω to 16Ω
BTL (Bridge) mode: 8Ω to 16Ω
Power: AC220 to 240V, 50Hz (UK/Europe)
Power consumption: 106W
Standby power: 0.1W or less (at Auto power-saving mode)
Overall dimensions: 290 × 84.5 × 271 mm / 11.4" × 3.3" × 10.7" (W × H × D)
Weight: 4.4kg / 9.7 lbs.
Included accessories: Power code, Owner's manual (incl. Warranty card)

Magnat MSB102B Specifications

Equipment: 1 x 110 mm woofer-midrange, 13 mm dome-tweeter
Power Handling (RMS/Max): 60 / 120 Watts
Frequency Response: 42 – 36.000 Hz
Crossover Frequencies: 3.400 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Output: 20 – 110 Watts
Cabinet surface: Ash black decor
Dimensions: 149 x 250 x 190 mm
Weight 2.8 kg

8 Ω

Number of Speakers
2 Speakers

Speaker Sensitivity
81 – 85 db

Speaker Size

Speaker Design


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TEAC Canada 1 Year Limited Warranty
Magnat 5 year warranty on passive speakers


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