TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black | Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

Brand: Spin-Clean, TEAC
Model Number: 315736
Model Number: 315736
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TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black | Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

This Bundle Includes:
(1) TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black
(1) Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

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TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black | Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

This Bundle Includes:
(1) TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black
(1) Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable – Piano Black

A traditional turntable with knife-edge tonearm bearings and a new ultra-stable direct-drive motor

With a sleek, low-profile design made possible by the use of a newly created brushless DC servo motor, the TN4DSEB is a direct-drive, analogue turntable.

Our updated brushless DC motor (with feedback control technology) eliminates cogging* while achieving crystal-locked speed stability and smoother spinning. In contrast to the plinths of the majority of other direct drive turntables, we were able to create a very sleek and attractive plinth thanks to this low-profile motor. The new tonearm on the TN4DSEB has pivot-point bearings with a knife-edge design that were created in partnership with SAEC Corporation, a renowned, high-end tonearm manufacturer. As a result, tonearms with conventional bearings are unable to match the perceptive, high-resolution sound quality that is produced.

It is paired with a PHONO EQ amplifier that was thoughtfully created, enabling you to immediately connect the turntable to the line-level inputs of your current hi-fi system. The finest musical detail is communicated using a premium NJM8080 op-amp that New Japan Radio Corporation has created for hi-fi applications. Additionally, you may digitally archive your vinyl collection using your PC or Mac thanks to a USB connector on the back panel. The TN4DSEB is equipped with an acclaimed Oyster MM cartridge from SUMIKO, a storied American cartridge manufacturer, to extract the music from your vinyl. The cartridge, which is renowned for its innate musicality, arrives pre-installed on the headshell at the factory, enabling almost “plug and play” operation. Users can experiment with different cartridges to change the sound quality if they so choose because the S-shaped tonearm enables fast cartridge/headshell swaps.

Due to its sleek and fashionable appearance, the TN4DSEB analogue turntable produces extremely accurate rotational speeds and is quite recognisable for a direct-drive design.

What is Cogging?

A phenomenon known as cogging occurs when the periodic attraction between the armature and rotor inside the motor is influenced by the rotation angle, producing a tiny pulse. A motor’s axle, for instance, rotates incrementally when you turn it with your fingers. Cogging is the term for this occurrence. A motor must have a significant number of poles, intricate circuitry, and a mechanism to produce smooth rotation in order to completely remove cogging on a direct-drive turntable. The resultant turntables are so big because the majority of direct-drive turntable systems are somewhat big.

Newly Built Motor Designed Exclusively For Direct-Drive Turntables

The TN4DSEB utilises a sleek, brushless DC motor that provides crystal-locked speed precision and is controlled by a computer-controlled feedback circuit to achieve minimal wow and flutter levels for a direct drive turntable, especially one with such a fashionable, low-profile design.

Pivot-Point, Knife-Edge Tonearm Bearings

The tonearm for the TN4DSEB is made in partnership with the renowned, high-end tonearm manufacturer SAEC Corporation and features a knife-edge pivot-point bearing. Contrary to tonearms with traditional bearings, any slight vertical movements this tonearm experiences actually aid in producing a sound that is more dynamic and has superb resolution. The universal headshell fitting used by the S-shaped tonearm enables users to quickly and simply swap cartridges and headshells and it supports a variety of cartridge weights (from 14 to 23g/0.5 to 0.8 oz).

Adjustment For Stylus Pressure And Precision Anti-Skating

As one might assume, the tonearm has an anti-skating mechanism and a counterweight for finely adjusting stylus pressure.

SUMIKO’s Pre-Installed Oyster Cartridge

The TN4DSEB includes a reputable Oyster MM cartridge made by SUMIKO, a legendary American cartridge manufacturer. The Oyster cartridge gives a strong but perceptive performance regardless of the genre of music.

PHONO EQ Amplifier With MM Cartridge Compatibility Built-In

The turntable can be connected directly to the line-level inputs of your current hi-fi system thanks to the TN4DSEB’s built-in PHONO EQ amplifier. New Japan Radio Corporation’s NJM8080 IC is used as an op-amp to boost the weak signals picked up by the cartridge to LINE level strength without sacrificing quality.

Plate Made Of Die-Cast Aluminium

The high inertia, die-cast aluminium platter works in tandem with the newly created motor to improve speed stability.

USB Digital Output

You can record or archive your vinyl using a high-quality, digital audio format by connecting the back panel’s USB connector to your PC or Mac. Once you’ve converted your vinyl records to digital files, it’s easy to listen to them on the go with a smartphone or portable audio player or in your car (by burning the files to a CD-R or moving them to a memory card or stick). Additionally, to guarantee flawless signal transfer, gold-plated PHONO/LINE output terminals are used to stop analogue audio signals from oxidizing and losing quality.

Feet With Superior Shock Absorption And Insulation

The insulating feet are attached to the high-density MDF plinth with screws and consist of a machined aluminium shell covered with a rubber cushion. The TN4DSEB is particularly resistant to auditory feedback due to their outstanding shock absorption qualities.

Turntable With Two Speeds:  33-1/3 And 45 Rpm

LP and EP records can be played on the TN4DSEB at 33-1/3 and 45 rpm. Even the start-up/speed selection rotary control, made of machined aluminium, demonstrates our dedication to high-quality engineering.


  • Direct-drive analog turntable
  • Crystal-locked speed stability, thanks to a new brushless DC motor with
  • Feedback control
  • Die-cast aluminium platter
  • Knife-edge, pivot-point tonearm base, designed by high-end tonearm manufacturer SAEC
  • Multi-layer piano black or natural walnut veneer finish
  • Built-in PHONO EQ amplifier for high-quality sound (PHONO/LINE switchable)
  • Audiophile-grade NJM8080 op-amp used in PHONO EQ stage
  • Digital recording on PC/Mac via USB digital audio output
  • 2-speed drive offering 33-⅓ and 45 rpm
  • Gold-plated oxidation-resistant output connectors
  • Oyster MM cartridge by SUMIKO
  • Shock-absorbing insulating feet
  • GND terminal
  • RoHS compliant

Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)

Care for your vinyl collection with this Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 record washer system. The versatile design works with 33, 45 and 78 RPM records, and the alcohol-free cleaning solution helps remove dirt, dust and debris gently from the surface of each disc. A uniquely designed washer basin holds your records perfectly in place throughout the cleaning cycle. This Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 record washer system comes with cleaning brushes, rollers and lint-free drying cloths, making it easy to maintain every piece in your music library.

Easily deep-clean both sides of your vinyl records at the same time with the Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Complete Kit. Quick and amazingly effective, Spin-Clean has garnered rave reviews from The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and more.

  • EASY TO USE – Easily deep-clean both sides of your vinyl records at the same time. No power or installation required. Don’t worry about the noise of motorized vacuum record cleaning system.
  • CLEANS ALL VINYL TYPES – Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 washes 33, 45, and 78 records. Enough materials to clean up to 700 records! Compact size to allow for easy storage.
  • PROPRIETARY CLEANING SOLUTION – Spin-Clean operates using specially formulated alcohol-free, new MK3 vinyl record cleaning fluid (4oz). Cleaning solution is a concentrate not viable on its own. It needs to be diluted in the base of the spin clean.
  • INCLUDED IN KIT – Patented vinyl record washer basin and lid and compact size to allow for easy storage. Specially formulated alcohol-free, new MK3 vinyl record cleaning fluid (4oz). One (1) pair of premium record-cleaning brushes. One (1) pair of durable rollers to accommodate LPs, 45s, and 78 RPMs. Two (2) super soft, lint-free drying cloths won’t scratch your records.
  • MADE IN USA – Limited Lifetime Warranty.

With their patented Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 MKII Kit, you’ll have everything you need to clean and maintain your LPs. Whether you’re a beginner or have been collecting vinyl records for years, the MKII is incredibly effective, easy to set up and use, and offers tremendous value.


Brand TEAC   Model TEAC 315736
Product: TEAC TN4DSEB Direct Drive Turntable - Piano Black | Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer MKII (Complete Kit)
Turntable Features

USB, Phono Preamp Built-in

Turntable Speed

33 RPM, 45 RPM

Turntable Type

Direct Drive


Turntable section
Type: Direct Drive
Motor: Brush-less DC Motor
Rotation Speeds: 33-⅓ rpm, 45 rpm
Wow-and-Flutters: 0.1%
S/N Ratio: 67dB or higher (A-weighted, 20kHz LPF)

Turntable (Platter)
Material: Aluminium Die-cast
Diameter: 30cm

Tone-arm section
Type: S-shaped, Static-balanced
Effective Length: 223mm
Needle Pressure Range: 0g to 5.0g
Compatible Cartridge Weight: 4.0g to 13.0g, 14g to 23g (including Head-shell)

Head-shell and Cartridge sections
Type: MM-type (SUMIKO Oyster factory installed)
Output Voltage: 4.0mV (1kHz)
Needle Pressure: 1.5 to 2.5g (appropriate value: 2.3g)
Weight: 5.3g
Head-shell weight: 10g (including nuts, screws, and wires)
Compatible Stylus: Styluses for SUMIKO Oyster

Analog Outputs
Connector: RCA Pin jack × 1 pair (PHONO/LINE switchable)

Output Voltage
PHONO: 4.0mV (1kHz)
LINE: 224mV (–13dBV)

USB Output
Connector: USB B-type (DC 5V 100mA USB Bus power required)
Audio Format: PCM, 8k/11.025k/16k/22.5k/32k/44.1k/48kHz, 16bit
Operating Power: AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2W
Standby Power: 0.5W or less
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D): 420 × 117 × 356 mm /16.5" × 4.6" × 14.0"
Weight: Approx. 6.1kg / 13.5 lbs.
Included Accessories: Felt Mat, EP Adapter, Counter Weight, Head-shell (SUMIKO Oyster installed), Platter, Dust Cover, Hinges × 2, RCA Audio cable with GND terminal, AC Adapter (GPE036W-24015), Owner's Manual (including Warranty Card)

Spin-Clean SPINSYS1 Record Washer Specifications

– 1x Bath unit
– 1x Pair of brushes
– 1x Pair of rollers
– 1x Washable drying cloths
– 1x 4 Oz. Washer fluid

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TEAC Canada 1 Year Limited Warranty
Spin-Clean Canada Limited Lifetime Warranty for Direct Replacement on all parts with the Exception of Fluid, Drying Cloths, Brushes, and Rollers


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