Thinkware TWA-SH Hardwiring Kit Cable for Dash Cam

Brand: Thinkware
Model Number: TWA-SH
Model Number: TWA-SH

Thinkware TWA-SH Hardwiring Kit Cable for Dash Cam

  • Save footage 10 seconds prior and after an event
  • Automatically switch to parking mode
  • Vehicle’s voltage level is monitored
  • Intelligent Parking Surveillance
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Thinkware TWA-SH Hardwiring Kit Cable for Dash Cam

The Thinkware TWA-SH Hardwiring cable enables the Intelligent Parking Surveillance feature, which captures all events surrounding your vehicle while it is parked. Available in all Thinkware Dash Cams, hit-and-run and vandalism attempts will be captured which can be used for insurance purposes.

Advanced Monitoring

The hardwiring installation allows the dash cam to automatically switch to parking mode when the ignition is off. Operating at low power consumption levels, the dash cam constantly monitors for motion and impact events.

Record Much Longer

Powered by your vehicle’s battery with the Thinkware TWA-SH cable, Thinkware Dash Cams record for much longer than conventional dash cams equipped with rechargeable batteries, which is often hindered by the lackluster performance and short operation time. With your Thinkware dash cam hardwired, it can stay recording for much longer durations (up to 48 hours), and can be set to shut down automatically if the dash cam detects low voltage from the vehicle battery to prevent drainage.

Intelligent Parking Surveillance Mode

The Parking Surveillance Mode automatically categorizes all impact and motion incidents in dedicated sensitivity settings different from the normal recording modes. Freely adjustable on their own, all sensitivity levels are enhanced to detect even the smallest door dings or a suspicious person walking around your vehicle.

Constant Monitoring

When ignition is off, the dash cam automatically powers down to the lowest consumption level to maximize operating time. In true monitoring state, the camera will automatically save footage 10 seconds prior and after an event to fully capture the culprit. This sets Thinkware’s Parking Surveillance with the Thinkware TWA-SH cable.

Intuitive Memory Partition System

All Thinkware Dash Cams come with an adjustable memory partition system that is designed to maximize your recording needs. With three different settings to choose from, you can maximize the recording partition for Parking Surveillance to capture as much footage as possible without being overwritten.

Built-in Voltage Monitoring

Vehicle’s voltage level is monitored and prompts dash cam to automatically shut down to prevent car battery drainage with the Thinkware TWA-SH cable. Depending on the vehicle’s battery condition, the voltage level can be adjusted by 0.1V increments from 11.6V – 12.3V (for passenger cars), or 23.2V – 24.6V for commercial vehicles. Once the battery voltage drops below the set threshold, the dash cam automatically powers off.

Brand Thinkware   Model Thinkware TWA-SH
Product: Thinkware TWA-SH Hardwiring Kit Cable for Dash Cam

– Compatible with all THINKWARE Dash Cams (except F550)
– 9.8 feet (2.98 metres) long

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