TOA BA-235 Power Amplifier

Brand: TOA
Model Number: BA-235
UPC: 059497218900
Model Number: BA-235
UPC: 059497218900

TOA BA-235 Power Amplifier

  • Massive Power Supply
  • All Inputs & Outputs on Removable Euro-Block connections
  • Thermal & Overload Protection
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TOA BA-235 Power Amplifier

The TOA BA-235 is a 35 W power amplifier for background music and general announcement. It is suited for use in bars, retail stores, and banquet rooms. When used in conjunction with the optional mixer amplifier BG-220 (20 W) or BG-235 (35 W), 2-channel broadcast can be made

The BA-200 Series Power Amplifiers is comprised of two models: BA-235 (35W) and BA-260 (60W). Both models offer a simple and cost-effective solution for adding powered zones to an existing system as well as powering speakers in applications that require a line input from a mix or playback source. Using the perfected amplifier technology and bullet-proof construction that has made TOA an industry standard, the BA-200 Series Power Amplifier is designed to make sound projects affordable, reliable and easy to install.

The TOA BA-235 Series Amplifiers are UL/cUL approved, competitively priced and is backed by TOA’s 5 year warranty.

TOA BA-235 Features

  • Massive Power supply for high-quality, reliable sound
  • All inputs and outputs on removable Euro-block connections for easier installation
  • 2 models:
  • BA-235 (35W)
  • BA-260 (60W
  • Power outputs available at 4 Ohm, 25V & 70V for more system flexibility
  • Remote Volume port allows wall panel control of level.
  • Dedicated Bass & Treble controls (recessed on front panel) allow independent adjustment for main or remote zones.
  • Line Input level selectable between 0dB & +4dB.
  • Summing RCA input also provided
  • Bridging line output allows signal to be “daisy-chained” from one BA-200 unit to another, giving the capability of multiple zones with separate EQ & Level.
  • Input Signal present, Peak & Power On indicators on front panel.
  • Supplied security cap (YA-920 x 1) for volume knob to prevent unauthorized adjustment.
  • Thermal and overload protection
  • Optional Rack-mount kits for single unit (MB-25B-BK), or dual (MB-25B-J)
  • UL/CUL Approved
  • 5 Year Warranty
Brand TOA   Model TOA BA-235
Model: TOA BA-235
Product: TOA BA-235 Power Amplifier
Power Source

120 V AC, 60 Hz

Rated Output

35 W

Power Consumption

90 W (rated output), 52 W (based on cULus standards)

Frequency Response

50 Hz – 20 kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.5 % or less, at 1 kHz, rated output


Line In: 0 dB*/+4 dB* (selectable), 10 kΩ, unbalanced,
removable terminal block or RCA jack


Speaker: 4 Ω, 25 V (18 Ω) and 70 V (140 Ω),
balanced, removable terminal block
Bridge: parallel in Line in, removable terminal block

Output Regulation

2 dB or less, no load to full load (1 kHz)

S/N Ratio

80 dB or more
(Band Pass: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Tone Controls: Centered)

Tone Control

Bass: ±10 dB at 100 Hz, Treble: ±10 dB at 10 kHz


Master gain control, Bass tone control, Treble tone control,
Input Level selector switch, Remote Volume control, Power ON/OFF switch


Power LED, Signal LED, Peak LED

Operating temperature

0 ℃ to +35 ℃ (32 ゜F to 95 ゜F)

Operating Humidity

35 % to 80 %RH (no condensation)


Panel: ABS resin, black
Case: Steel plate, black, paint


210 (W) × 94.3 (H) × 265 (D) mm (8.27" × 3.71" ×10.43")


Volume control cover: YA-920 ……1
Removable teminal plug (2 pins) ……3
Removable teminal plug (4 pins) ……1

Amplifier - DAC

RMS Power

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TOA Canada offers 5 Years Limited Manufacturers Warranty