Definitive Technology UIW RSS II In-Wall / In-Ceiling Surround Speaker – White

Brand: Definitive Technology
Model Number: UIW RSS II
UPC: 093207051708
Model Number: UIW RSS II
UPC: 093207051708
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Definitive Technology UIW RSS II In-Wall / In-Ceiling Surround Speaker – White

-Bipolar, angled-baffle design provides immersive surround effects
-Ideal for the surround channels of a custom-installed home theater system
-Built-in back-box ensures well-balanced sound and protects against dust and dirt
-Can be installed in the wall or in the ceiling

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Features & Specifications



Definitive Technology UIW RSS II In-Wall / In-Ceiling Surround Speaker – White

Ultra-immersive surround effects

Designing your dream home theater? If you’re going in-wall or in-ceiling for your surround channels, check out Definitive Technology’s UIW RSS II. This unique bipolar speaker fires sound in multiple directions at the same time — ideal for immersive sound effects with movies and video games. Pair the UIW RSS II with Reference Line Source speakers for seamless, voice-matched sound throughout your room.

Dual passive radiators help deliver extra punch

The UIW RSS II pairs two 4-1/2″ polypropylene midrange/bass drivers with two 1″ aluminum dome tweeters to produce the natural, revealing sound Def Tech is known for.
Dual 4-1/2″ pressure-coupled passive radiators help reinforce this speaker’s impressive bass output.

A built-in enclosure elevates performance

This carefully designed enclosure helps the speaker deliver consistently focused, well-balanced sound no matter what kind of space is behind it in your ceiling. It also keeps dust and dirt out.

DIY installation

You can paint the included grille to have your speaker blend in with your room’s décor.

Curved Angle Bipolar Array

The Definitive Technology Reference Surround Speaker UIW RSS II features a curved angle bipolar array, which is perfect for movie and music surround use because it provides an ideal combination of direct sound for specificity and localization and ambient sound for enhanced spaciousness. The RSS II delivers uniquely enveloping surround performance totally immersing the listeners in a complete 360° soundstage. Walls seem to disappear and the listening room will be almost magically transformed into the location of the original sonic event. The curved aspect of the bipolar array further improves dispersion into the room. When installed in the ceiling, the direction in which the driver arrays face can be rotated 90° in order to optimize the performance depending on the specific location of the speakers in relation to the seating area.

2-Way Driver Design

Each UIW RSS II bipolar surround speaker contains two complete 2-way full-range systems each with a 4.5″ cast-basket midbass/midrange driver pressure coupled to a 4.5″ planar Bass Radiator and a 1″ pure aluminum tweeter, for a total of six driver/radiators in each speaker. The RSS II’s dynamic, spacious and uncolored sonic signature has been specifically engineered to blend perfectly with any of Definitive’s loudspeakers whether freestanding, in-wall ,or in-ceiling for an amazing lifelike sonic experience.

Non-Resonant Sealed Enclosure

The UIW RSS II features a non-resonant sealed medite (a dense wood product) enclosure to deliver the tight, detailed bass and uncolored midrange of audiophile free-standing speakers in every installation. The performance of open back built-in speakers will vary depending on the nature of the wall/ceiling cavity behind the speaker. But Definitive Reference series speakers with integrated enclosures sound superb every time.


The UIW RSS II in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker’s grille and frame can be spray painted to match the color of your wall without any loss of sound quality. Simply remove the grille from the speaker and place it on a drop cloth, newspaper, or plastic sheet and spray paint it with canned spray paint that closely matches the desired finish/color (available at home improvement stores). A paint mask is supplied to protect the drivers when painting the frame.

Spring-Loaded Speaker Terminals

The UIW RSS II in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker features a pair of heavy-duty, gold-plated, spring-loaded posts designed to accept up to 10 gauge wire, banana plugs (single only), or pin-connectors. The spring-post terminals extend 1.0″ from the cut-out dimensions, so you’ll need extra space inside the in-wall or in-ceiling cavity.


The Definitive Technology Reference Surround Speaker III (RSS II) is intended for use as an in-ceiling or in-wall rear or side surround speaker in custom installed home theater systems of the highest quality.

Mounting Options

4 rotating dogleg clamps and two 3.5″ wood screws make the RSS II easy to install in either new or existing construction and provide secure, non-resonant mounting for ultimate audiophile performance free of vibrations and buzzes. The loudspeaker can be mounted in-wall or in-ceiling.


In-Wall installation requires a cutout of 9.875″ (w) x 11.625″ (h) x 3.875″ (d). For In-Wall mounting, the speaker requires 1.25″ of clearance inside the wall, on all four sides of the cutout, to clear the lock arms. If the desired location is closer than 1.25″ to a stud on one of the long sides of the speaker, the long side of the speaker enclosure must be installed directly against the stud to prevent rattling.


In-ceiling installation requires a cutout of 9.875 ” (w) x 11.625″ (h) x 3.875″ (d) For In-Ceiling mounting, the speaker enclosure must be directly against two joists and/or framing material on the two long sides that are to be fastened with the screws. 1.25″ of clearance is required on the two remaining sides of the enclosure to clear the lock arms.

Brand Definitive Technology   Model Definitive Technology UIW RSS II
Product: Definitive Technology UIW RSS II In-Wall / In-Ceiling Surround Speaker - White


Tweeter Size


Speaker Sensitivity

86 – 90 db


8 Ω

Number of Speakers

1 Speaker


Quantity in Package: Single
Tweeter: Hard-Dome
Aimable Tweeter: No
Woofer Composition: Polypropylene
Woofer Surround: Buty Rubber
Moisture-resistant: Yes
Connector Type: Spring pst
Bi-Amp Inputs: No
Built-in Back-box: Yes


Woofer Size: 4.5
Speaker Shape: Rectangle
Cutout Width: 9.875
Cutout Height : 11.625
Power Range (Watts): 10-250

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Definitive Technology Canada 1 year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


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