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Founded in 1972 by Paul Barton, PSB Speakers is Canada’s leading manufacturer of today’s top-performing headphones, loudspeakers and subwoofers. Through its pursuit of “true to nature” sound, PSB has become an award-winning company with a global following of music lovers and audiophiles alike.

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PSB Alpha AM Speakers

A compact home system that connects to virtually any device, wired or wirelessly, and delivers bold stereo sound for everything you enjoy. Constructed with premium components and designed with decades of award-winning acoustics, the AM powered speakers deliver full-range sound with zero distortion.

PSB Imagine X2T Floor Standing Speakers

Exceptional sound and uncompromising value are at the foundation the Imagine X2T. The Imagine X2T is a powerful combination of premium performance and is able to meet the needs of your high performance, multi-channel, or stereo setup with ease.


Designed to be used anywhere, these are strong and durable, truly embodying the high value and sound quality that PSB is known for. Whether indoors, out on the patio or poolside, they sounds like a true audiophile speaker. They use high-quality drivers, so you can expect sparkling highs, smooth midrange, and full, rich bass.

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On-Wall Speakers

This super-slim on-wall speaker combines an extremely low profile with renowned PSB audiophile sound quality to provide a stylish and refined option whether used for front speakers or rear channels for your home theatre system.

psb in ceiling speakers

In-Ceiling Speakers

The ideal speaker for many installations as part of an invisible surround-sound system. Capable of pumping out clear, natural vocals and instruments with no harshness, this in-ceiling speaker sounds like a high-end stand-mount monitor. The C-LCR’s angled baffle directs sound down and toward your listening position.

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