Samsung Free Digital Movies On Super Big TV


Purchase an eligible Samsung Super Big TV and get 1 FREE digital movie every week for a year* 
PROMO DATES: 07/19/2019 - 11/07/2019

* See full Terms & Conditions for more details below.

Terms & Conditions

Cineplex Free Digital Movie Rental Promotion

*Some conditions apply. This promotion is valid from July 19, 2019 until November 7, 2019 (the “Registration Period”). In order to be eligible for this promotion, a customer must: (i) purchase a qualifying Samsung television as set out below from an authorized Canadian retailer during the Registration Period, and (ii) complete the promotion registration during the Registration Period as set out below. Participating authorized Canadian retailers may vary. Promotion available to Canadian residents only. These Terms and Conditions may be amended or cancelled at any time without notice. Qualifying Samsung televisions (the “Qualifying Television”) are as follows: QN98Q900RBFXZC, QN85Q900RAFXZC, QN82Q900RBFXZC, QN75Q900RBFXZC, QN65Q900RBFXZC, QN82Q90RAFXZC, QN75Q90RAFXZC, QN65Q90RAFXZC, QN82Q80RAFXZC, QN75Q80RAFXZC, QN65Q80RAFXZC, QN75Q7DRAFXZC, QN65Q7DRAFXZC, QN85Q70RAFXZC, QN82Q70RAFXZC, QN75Q70RAFXZC, QN65Q70RAFXZC, QN82Q60RAFXZC, QN75Q60RAFXZC, QN65Q60RAFXZC, QN82Q6DRAFXZC, QN75Q6DRAFXZC, QN65Q6DRAFXZC, UN82RU8000FXZC, UN75RU8000FXZC, UN75RU7100FXZC. 

Free Movies:
One free digital movie rental promo code will be made available immediately upon the customer completing the registration for the promotion during the Registration Period as set out above (the “Welcome Rental”) and the promo code will be applied automatically through the Cineplex Store App directly to the customer’s Cineplex account. The Welcome Rental will expire November 7, 2019. Limited to one promotion redemption per Qualifying Television purchased. 

Once registered, the customer will receive a free HD movie rental promo code every week applied automatically every Friday (the “Free Movies”). Each promo code expires in 7 days if the movie promo code is not used by the customer. The Free Movies must be redeemed using the Cineplex Store application set up on a Qualifying Television. The Free Movies are only redeemable in Canada. After a Free Movies rental is redeemed, the customer has 30 days to commence watching the movie and 48 hours to complete viewing once the movie has started. No substitutions, rain checks, or time extensions will be granted. The Free Movies cannot be converted to cash or gift card. Neither Samsung nor Cineplex are responsible if Free Movies rentals are used without permission, and the value will not be replaced. Free Movies rentals are not valid for earning SCENE® points. 

Each Free Movies rental promo code is valid for movies with a maximum HD rental value of $5.99 and can only be used once. Any residual value remaining after the Free Movies rental has been redeemed will not be carried over for another transaction. If the value of the Free Movies rental exceeds $5.99, you will be required to pay the difference using credit card, PayPal, Cineplex gift card or SCENE® points. The Free Movies may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, discount or coupon. If the Free Movies rental recipient is under the age of consent, the transaction must be processed in the name of a parent/legal guardian. Cineplex and Samsung are not responsible if the Free Movies rental is used without permission, and the value will not be replaced. Cineplex account is required. 

In order for a customer to be eligible to receive the Free Movies, the customer must: a. Log in to the Cineplex Store application on their Qualifying Television using their Cineplex account (if customer does not have a Cineplex account, they must create one online:, and agree to comply with Cineplex’s own terms and conditions. Cineplex’s terms and conditions can be found at:, and b. Accept these Terms and Conditions. 

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, “Released Parties” includes Samsung Electronics Canada Inc., Cineplex Entertainment LP, their respective parents, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, agents, distributors and vendors specifically involved in this promotion. Released Parties cannot be held responsible for any liability for personal loss or any disagreements concerning quality of products or services granted in connection with the Free Movies. Released Parties cannot accept any liability for personal loss or injury. Released Parties shall not be liable for stolen or misdirected Free Movies and/or Applications and will not issue or replace the Free Movies in any of these events. The Free Movies are not transferable, transferable for sale, resale, or exchange. Second Act l© 2018 STX FINANCING, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Missing link - ©2019 SHANGRILA FILMS LLC. All Rights Reserved. High life - © 2018 - Pandora Film Produktion, Alcatraz Films, The Apocalypse Films Company, Madants, Andrew Lauren Productions, The British Film Institute, Arte France Cinema.Amazing grace - ©COPYRIGHT AMAZING GRACE MOVIE LLC, MMXV. 

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