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Winter mornings don’t have to be cold anymore

Don’t settle for a cold seat in the winter, or a car that is unprotected from the elements. Gibby’s Electronic Supermarket understands how much time you spend in your car and our goal is to make it the most comfortable experience imaginable. We use the newest technology to allow you to start and warm your car from virtually anywhere!

Mike Johns

Senior Saleman

Viper Auto Security

Viper is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle. 

Viper is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. They use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time.

Viper Smartstart: New and Improved

Smartphone-Controlled Starter

Start your car remotely, lock, or unlock it from a distance of up to 150 feet using Bluetooth. The ability to control your vehicle with your smartphone is seamlessly integrated into your Viper remote start system.

Viper Security & Convenience

Viper is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. They use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time.

Remote Start System For Your Car

If your car is too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer, SmartStart is the perfect solution! Remote start your car from the comfort of your home or office.

Lock & Unlock Remotely

Tired of fumbling for keys? SmartStart allows you to remotely unlock and lock your vehicle right from your smartphone.

What are the advantages of upgrading from my current Viper SmartStart module to the new Viper SmartStart Pro 4G LTE modules?

The Viper SmartStart Pro modules utilize advanced 4G LTE technology, providing extensive nationwide coverage, significantly faster response times, and extra features when paired with a Viper digital security or remote start system. Upgrading now ensures compatibility with future enhancements and eliminates the risk of coverage issues. With these new modules, you can expect years of use without requiring another upgrade.

What exactly is Viper SmartStart?

Viper SmartStart represents the ultimate in vehicle security and remote start systems designed to work seamlessly with your smartphone. Brought to you by Viper, a leader in vehicle security and remote start solutions, SmartStart empowers you to use your smartphone to pre-condition your car’s interior, control door locks, arm and disarm the vehicle’s security system, pop the trunk, and even locate your car in a parking lot—all via your smartphone.

Why do I need Viper SmartStart?

Viper SmartStart cleverly combines the functionality of your vehicle’s key fob with your smartphone. You can now manage your vehicle’s locks, security system, remote start, and trunk release with your smartphone. As anyone familiar with remote car starters knows, having excellent range is vital to maximizing the value of your remote starter, and Viper SmartStart offers unmatched range. As long as your phone and your vehicle have signal, you’re good to go!

What’s the benefit of remotely starting my car?

Let’s be honest; extreme weather can make your car uncomfortable. Starting your car remotely from the comfort of your home ensures it’s at the right temperature when you get in. Viper SmartStart’s remote start system provides virtually unlimited range, guaranteeing your remote start system works no matter how far you are from your vehicle.

How can I get Viper SmartStart?

If your vehicle already has a compatible Viper system, simply add a Viper SmartStart Pro module. For those without an existing remote starter, we recommend installing a Viper SmartStart Pro module along with a Viper digital security/remote start system like DS4. Call our Custom install team today to book an ppointment.

What do I need to acquire Viper SmartStart?

To get Viper SmartStart, you need a complete Viper SmartStart system. If you already have a compatible remote start system, you require the add-on Viper SmartStart module, and don’t forget a compatible smartphone as well as the Viper SmartStart application for your smartphone.

If I currently have an older Viper SmartStart module, do I have to upgrade to the new Viper SmartStart Pro 4G VSM550 module?

Yes, if you wish to continue enjoying unlimited range access through the Viper SmartStart app. Earlier models can no longer connect due to carrier cell network shutdowns (2G, 3G, etc.). Contact Roland today to upgrade your system!

Does upgrading my SmartStart hardware necessitate updating the Viper SmartStart app?

We always recommend using the latest version of the Viper SmartStart app for the best experience and access to the latest features.

Do I need to switch my cellular carrier to upgrade my SmartStart module?

No, you can continue using your existing cellular service.

My cellular service already uses a 4G LTE network. Why do I have to upgrade my SmartStart module for better performance?

Your current SmartStart module relies on older cellular connectivity based on when it was manufactured and previous requirements for vehicle telematics hardware. Most of those older networks have been discontinued or had access removed. To ensure your vehicle stays connected with Viper SmartStart, the module must currently support 4G LTE, like the Viper SmartStart Pro.

I live in Montreal, Canada. Will the new hardware work in my area?

Absolutely. Viper SmartStart Pro 4G LTE modules work seamlessly across North America, including the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Will Viper SmartStart Pro function if I’m far away from my vehicle?

With Viper SmartStart, there’s no such thing as “too far away.” It operates over a cellular network or Wi-Fi, offering virtually unlimited range anywhere in region. As long as your vehicle is within cellular signal range and your phone has a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, SmartStart will work.

Can I control my vehicle from more than one phone?

Yes, additional users can be added by downloading the app on another smartphone and entering the Username and Password for the account. The new smartphone can access all cars already set up on the account, or you can add users with their logins and assign specific vehicles to them via the mysmartstart website.

Can I use Viper SmartStart with multiple vehicles?

Yes, you can install multiple vehicles under your account. Each vehicle requires a separate Viper system, but once installed, you can control any of your authorized vehicles with any smartphone.

Is Viper SmartStart available outside Canada?

Currently, Viper SmartStart Pro is available in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), as well as many countries worldwide. For use outside North America, you’ll need a specific 4G LTE module (DSM550i). Please consult our team for more information.

Can I install Viper SmartStart myself?

For Viper SmartStart Professional installation is mandatory, our authorized install team would be happy to help, book an appointment today.

What is remote start?

Remote start allows you to initiate your vehicle from a distance using a remote control or, in the case of Viper SmartStart, your smartphone. This feature ensures your vehicle is pre-conditioned for extreme weather, enhancing comfort and safety.

Is my car secure after I remote start it?

Yes, our systems keep the vehicle securely locked while remote starting, and a key is still required to drive the car. If someone attempts to drive the car without the key, the vehicle will shut off.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

*Directed is continuously working on compatibility with other smartphones. Please check for the current list of compatible smartphones. We also offer products that don’t require a smartphone to start your car. Contact our team for more information today.

Viper SmartStart is the only vehicle security and remote start system that works with your smartphone. Viper SmartStart is brought to you by Viper, the leader in vehicle security and remote start systems. With SmartStart, you can use your smartphone to pre-warm your car’s cabin in the winter, pre-cool it in the summer, lock and unlock your doors, arm and disarm your vehicle’s security system, open your trunk, and even find your car in a parking lot, all using your smartphone.

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