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Turntables & Accessories

Revive the classics.

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Turntables & Accessories

Which Turntable Suits You Best?

Are you into vintage vinyl records' rich, amazing sound or spinning tunes as a DJ? Gibbys has your back to find the perfect record player for you. Discover top-notch turntable devices offering 33½ rpm and 45 rpm playback or dual turntables perfect for DJing. Choose from trusted brands like Audio-Technica, Elipson, Sonos, Marantz and many more! Get all-in-one turntables with built-in speakers for easy vinyl music playback in any room. Dive into high-quality vinyl or relive classic tunes with our selection.

Find Turntable Add-Ons

Once you pick your ideal turntable, grab accessories to keep the groove going. Use USB cables for connecting to digital devices and transferring albums to digital formats. Gibbys offers an array of speakers for your home theater, music room, or DJ setup. From in-wall to portable options, connect your record player using high-quality speaker cables. Keep extra styluses and cleaner handy for continuous music. Get everything you need to play your vinyl records or keep the party going, all at Gibbys.

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