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Home Speakers

Various speaker types to help you achieve the perfect audio setup.

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Home Speakers

At Gibbys, we offer diverse home speakers from renowned brands like Klipsch, Sonos, Paradigm, Polk Audio, Samsung, SVS, and more. Discovering the right speakers can significantly elevate your listening enjoyment, whether you seek nuanced music or immersive cinematic sound. Let's explore various speaker types to help you achieve the perfect audio setup.

Tower speakers, also known as floor speakers, are popular for stereo configurations due to their size, accommodating multiple drivers for powerful sound and excellent bass response. They're also ideal front speakers in surround sound systems. Bookshelf speakers, easily positioned on shelves, stands, or walls, serve as compact alternatives for rear or side surround sound. Centre-channel speakers play a pivotal role in authentic surround sound, handling dialogue and mid-range frequencies. Subwoofers, crucial for impactful low-frequency effects, add depth to intense action scenes.

Speaker systems encompass all components for surround sound, typically including at least 6 speakers and a subwoofer. They may include tower or bookshelf speakers, while some systems feature additional speakers and multiple subwoofers. Sound bars, compact yet powerful, offer simulated surround sound without the need for numerous speakers or a receiver. Portable wireless or Bluetooth speakers deliver excellent sound quality without cables, effortlessly connecting to Bluetooth-, Wi-Fi-, or AirPlay-enabled devices for convenient playback.

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