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Heart-pumping sound from room to room, and beyond.

Upgrade Your Sound

Turn any eligible product into credit toward your next purchase

The Sonos Upgrade Program makes it easy for you to expand your system and enjoy an even better listening experience with savings of up to 30% on a new speaker, soundbar, component, or set.

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Sonos First-Ever Headphpones

Obsessively crafted and masterfully tuned, these headphones make you feel at one with the sounds that matter most to you.

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Effortless listening with Sonos

Experience audio perfection with Sonos wireless speakers like the portable Sonos Move and Roam, sophisticated Sonos Era 100, bass powerhouse Sonos Sub, and precision-tuned of the Sonos Five.

Elevate every moment with seamless connectivity and crystal-clear sound.


Enhance your audio experience with Sonos, a leading brand in wireless sound systems. Sonos delivers premium audio quality, versatility, and seamless connectivity for a modern and immersive home audio setup. Transform your space into a music haven with Sonos speakers, soundbars, and more. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound and enjoy the convenience of wireless music streaming throughout your home. Elevate your listening experience with Sonos, where innovation meets exceptional audio performance.

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