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Definitive Technology BP-9000 Series REVIEW

Definitive Technology BP-9000 Series REVIEW

The Definitive Technology BP-9000 Series combines the most advanced audio technology with iconic intelligent design providing the high performance, room filling sound you demand.

Definitives patented “Forward Focused”, Bipolar technology elevates audio reproduction to unsurpassed levels, maximizing the sound stage so the sweet spot is wherever you are.

With integrated powered subwoofers you’ll get deep bass and explosive detail without the need to add a separate subwoofer.  Intelligent bass control, Definitive Technology’s  latest proprietary advancement, pushes this unique feature into new sonic territory letting you customize the lowest frequencies without sacrificing exceptionally clean mid range.

They’ve also re-written the rules on three-dimensional sound with seamless compatibility for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.  Each speaker readily supports an A90 2 way Height Module for a true multi-dimensional sound you can hear, and feel.

The Definitive Technology BP-9000 series isn’t a whole new creation, but a fourth-generation of Definitive Technology’s original Bipolar speakers. BP10 was created in 1991, and were Definitive’s first to emit sound from both the front and back in an effort to create a bigger, more immersive sound. Since then a lot has changed.  These advanced new speakers are a ground-up redesign of the previous series, the BP8000.

Drop-and-play height speakers allow you to build out your system piece by piece.

Here’s an excerpt from Digitaltrends Review;

“The towers are cut into four minimalist sizes and flavors, accompanied by center-channels, surrounds, and height speakers. The BP9000 flagship is the BP9080X, a mammoth tower with two-way height speakers built right into the top. Along with the Dolby Atmos-ready topside, each 9080X comes with an integrated 12-inch subwoofer and dual bass radiators for even richer low-end sound, three 5.25-inch midrange drivers, and dual 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters.”

“But it’s the other three towers in the series — including the BP9020, the BP9040, and the BP9060 — that sport the most intriguing new design trait of the BP9000 line: the drop-and-play height speaker system. The design allows users to easily build their setup as they go, adding the two-way A90 height speakers by simply dropping them into the aluminum cradles atop the towers. The height speakers still require a separate wired signal from an Dolby Atmos/DTS:X ready amp, with terminals located at the bottom of the towers, but the sleek port design fits right in with Definitive Technology’s minimalist philosophy. When not in use, the height ports are covered with magnetically-sealed plates of aluminum.”

“That same, elegant look continues throughout the design of the new speakers, including grill wraps that are affixed and obscure the drivers tucked into the cabinets, aluminum platforms at the bottom with available pads or carpet spikes, and an illuminated “D” (which can be dimmed) that lets you know the speakers are ready for action. Like the BP9080X, each of the speakers also sport integrated subwoofers, including 8-inch subs for the 9020 and 9040, and a 10-incher for the 9060. 3.5-inch midrange drivers are employed in the BP9020, while 4.5-inch drivers line the BP9040 and BP9060, with all of the speakers featuring the same 1-inch aluminum tweeters.”

The Definitive Technology BP-9000 line also includes three new centre channel options:  CS9040 (with bass radiators), CS9060 (with an 8-inch powered sub), and the CS9080 (with both built in). The CS9040 and CS9060 both have dual 4.5-inch midrange drivers and all three offer the 1-inch aluminum tweeters.  In the powered speakers you’ll also find Definitive Technology’s Intelligent Bass Control.  This feature provides a bellowing bass and allows for a more natural sounding dialog from low voices.  It does all of this while keeping the low end fro distorting the treble and midrange.

To complete your full room sound Definitive Technology has included two surround options to the line; SR9040, and SR9080.

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