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JL Audio focuses on providing customers all over the world with unique engineering, superior quality, and high-performance audio. Behind all of their efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value and that their customers can tell the difference. JL Audio’s in-room powered subwoofers have been praised by audio reviewers and demanding audiophiles all over the world.

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In-Room Powered Subwoofers

Subwoofers are an essential component of any great stereo or multi-channel audio system. Within each model is a specifically engineered subwoofer driver and an optimized electronics package with unique JL Audio technologies.

In-Wall Subwoofer Systems

You can count on genuine JL Audio subwoofer performance. Each IWS system is powered by a rack-mountable amplifier with advanced signal processing capabilities.

In-Ceiling Subwoofer Systems

In-ceiling subwoofers solve many challenges in custom installations. The Fathom ICS is a low-profile subwoofer driver with a unique design. The power and a full suite of signal processing features are provided by an outboard, rack-mountable amplifier.

Subwoofer Crossover

Subwoofer Amplifier Processor

JLINK Wireless Audio


In-Room Subwoofers

Gotham v2

The Gotham v2’s allure extends far beyond its exotic design and superb craftsmanship, aiming squarely at the emotional core of musical and cinematic pleasure. This is a subwoofer system that delivers a weight and integrity of reproduction that can only come from a system that is always in control.

Fathom v2

Low distortion, excellent dynamic capabilities, and shockingly deep bass extension will give you all the excitement of the most demanding cinematic material while also reproducing all the nuance and texture of your most delicate musical material.


JL Audio’s exclusive DMA technology is used to optimise the motor strength of E-Sub drivers, ensuring linear behaviour over a wide excursion range. DMA optimization provides a driver that faithfully tracks its input signal, resulting in improved bass definition and dynamics.


Dominion powered subwoofers combine a state-of-the-art subwoofer with an advanced Class D amplifier to deliver unmatched performance and value for a wide range of compact applications, thanks to JL Audio’s vast collection of advanced technologies.

Architectural Subwoofers

In-Ceiling Subwoofer Systems

JL Audio in-ceiling speakers have outstanding low-frequency extension, dynamics, and sound quality, as well as all of the signal processing features found in their in-room counterparts.

In-Wall Subwoofers

JL Audio in-wall subwoofer systems produce incredible bass while remaining largely concealed  in most home audio/theater setups.

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