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Introducing the New Sonos PLAY:5

What would happen if Sonos took all of their resources and team that they’ve built up over the years and threw them all at creating the very best possible product they could make?

Sonos’ objective was to go after massively better sound and wireless performance and put it in an iconic package.  So they set out to redesign the current Sonos PLAY:5 speaker.  One of the things that’s significantly different at Sonos is that they actually design every single part of their products.  Not one woofer, tweeter, or other piece of hardware was taken off the shelf in the creation of the new PLAY:5.  The way that Sonos approached the new Sonos 5 design was to design every single piece from the ground up.

Richard Little, Chief Transducer Engineer at Sonos says; “We’ve been pushing the envelope to really improve Bass Performance, High Frequency Performance, and Spacial Performance to produce a leading edge, World-Class speaker product.”

According to Jon Reilly, Product Manager at Sonos, the new Play:5 is several generations ahead of where they’ve been in the past.  “We’re inventing new manufacturing processes to make the grill for example.” The Sonos Play;5 has a convenient, ultra responsive, touch interface.  “You can actually both swipe across the PLAY/PAUSE icon to skip forward and backwards.”

Sonos has added “Triple-Orientation” to the new Sonos PLAY:5 which means that if you rotate the speaker to a horizontal or vertical position, the sound will adjust to that orientation.  The PLAY:5 also has the ability to do Stereo Pairing.  So in the Sonos App you can easily go in and create a stereo pair.  The beauty about Sonos software is that it automatically adjusts the sound for your configuration. You can close your eyes and it sounds like you’re listening to a much larger speaker than you actually are.

The engineers at Sonos have a history of being perfectionists.  They’re always going the extra mile to deliver great performance.  They not only want to design top performing products but also lasting elements in their customer’s homes that really fit into their lives and are gender independent.

Giles Martin, Sound Experience Leader at Sonos says; “The ultimate home music experience is one where music is as real at home as it is for us in the studios.”  “The last thing as a creator you want is for the record that you’re making to be the best it’s ever been and you’re the only person who can experience that.”

In the Sonos PLAY:5, Sonos has tried to come up with a design that is super hi-fidelity and not only in terms of the sound but also in terms of build quality.  They wanted to make a product that lasts for potentially10 years and so it has to be more durable, it has to be of higher quality, it has to be resistant to yellowing over time.

You wrap that all up in a beautiful looking speaker and we think you’ll have an experience that’s going to be massively different and better than anything that’s out there today.

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