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Sony Z Series 4K HDR LCD TV: Engadget Review

Sony Z Series 4K HDR LCD TV: Review

When the President of Sony Electronics, Michael Fasulo, talks about the Sony Z Series 4K HDR LCD TV, he will tell you, “Seeing is believing”.  “These televisions just hit it out of the park.”  Sony just introduced a brand new line of 4K HDR televisions, an Ultra Premium Line.  Engadget talked with Sony President, Michael Fasulo about it.

The Z Series features 3 televisions.  All are 4K Ultra HD, with High Dynamic Range.  They come in 3 screen sizes; 65”, 75”, and 100”.

What makes a great picture is when you take Dynamic Range, contrast, colour, and brightness, and put it all together.  What Sony has done with these televisions, is integrated proprietary Sony developed technology, not only on the 4K resolution, but you must see the colour.  They call it “TRILUMINOUS” and it expands the spectrum of colour. Then there is what Sony is calling “Master Backlit Technology”.  This technology features individual LED’s throughout the television which are managed through a processor called the “Extreme 1 4K HDR Processor”. Each processor lights up individually and it can portray the content exactly how the creator intended.

Mr. Fasulo says, “Really if you look at Dynamic Range, people talk a lot about brightness.  Nobody wants to watch just a bright television.”  “What you want to be able to see is detail in bright settings and detail on dark settings”.

The Sony XBR-75Z9D 75″,  XBR-65Z9D 65″, and XBR-100Z9D 100″4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs are available at Gibbys today.