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The most musical sound

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Born in New York

The essence of Marantz has crossed borders over the decades. Its products are crafted by globally renowned engineers and meticulously tuned to the highest standards by expert artisans in Japan.

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In Pursuit of The Most Musical Sound

From New York to Japan, Marantz expert Sound Masters have perfected the art of precision to create powerful yet refined components that deliver an unparalleled listening experience—time and again.


Embark on an audiophile adventure with Marantz, a brand that has consistently elevated the art of sound. Renowned for delivering premium audio equipment, Marantz captivates and enhances the listening experience. Immerse yourself in the essence of sonic excellence as Marantz actively pursues the highest standards in audio quality. Step into a world where Marantz actively shapes the landscape of high-end audio, ensuring your listening experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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