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Polk Audio

Heroes of American Hi-Fi

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Magnifi AX

Breaking barriers in sound bar innovation, Polk's MagniFi series incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as SDA, Wi-Fi Streaming, Voice Adjust, and beyond. Whether you prefer full-size or ultra-compact options, find the perfect fit for your home with Polk MagniFi.

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Monitor XT Series

Immerse yourself in your beloved movies, TV shows, music, and games with the Monitor XT Series, offering Hi-Res Certified sound, seamless bass, and Dolby Atmos Immersion. This series offers exceptional performance per dollar, featuring a modular, adaptable design that can be tailored to fit any listening environment.

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Polk Audio: Heroes of American Hi-Fi

Polk has spent the past 50 years crafting award-winning hi-fi and home theater speakers for laid-back listeners and all-out audiophiles alike.

Exhaustively engineered, obsessively experimental, uniquely American. All

Polk Audio

Dive into an extraordinary sound experience with Polk Audio. They lead the way in innovating audio technology, offering premium speakers and home audio systems. Let Polk speakers take your listening experience to new heights, actively enhancing every note. Choose Polk for a world of unparalleled audio excellence, where simplicity and quality come together seamlessly. Whether it's delivering crystal-clear highs or resonant bass, Polk Audio actively ensures precision and clarity in every detail of your music.

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